4 Ideas for Putting Your Memorabilia on Display

4 Ideas for Putting Your Memorabilia on Display

Many of you will remember a time—long ago, before the Internet—when you would order tickets to a show or game over the phone, and those tickets would actually be sent by mail to your home. There were no e-tickets or apps or computer print-outs, just an unassuming envelope with those pieces of paper inside.

Most of the time, these were incredibly unimpressive, randomly colored tickets that looked like they’d been created on an old dot-matrix printer. But once in awhile, you’d get a surprise—a ticket that actually looked like something special, like a collectible.

Sports teams would add action shots of stars to their tickets, or a music artist would incorporate real logos and other graphic design elements. It was great, because if that game or show turned out to be one to really remember, you had a miniature piece of artwork to commemorate it.

Even in the modern era of electronic tickets, there are still plenty of photographs, playbills, pins, pennants and other special items that you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. Here are four ways you can keep them from collecting dust in the attic and use them to add some flair to your home. 

Encase for a Simple, Stylish Presentation

One of the most lasting pieces of decorative memorabilia I’ve had in my home is a concert ticket that’s encased in clear Lucite. It’s heavy and sturdy like a paperweight, and it adds a bit of personality to almost any space. 

I’ve had it on my desk, on end tables, on bookshelves, even in a bathroom. It keeps finding a new home because it’s a conversation piece that blends in almost anywhere. The simple, clear encasement really shows off what’s inside.

Make a Custom Photo Book

Creating a photo album centered on a big game or concert is a great way to capture all of the day’s memorable moments—from tailgating in the parking lot to the final encore. If you decide ahead of time that you’re going to do this, you can think about the special photos you want to get. Create a list to make sure you get that shot of your favorite player or group pictures of friends and family who are attending with you. 



You can choose from a variety of high-quality covers and bindings too, so your photo book can be left out on a table and you can re-live the day anytime.

Think Year-Round with a Calendar

I love the idea of making a calendar because it’s something that’s useful all year, and it’s a decorative item that will probably occupy a high-visibility space in your home. Here’s where any combination of photos, playbills, napkins, pins or other items can be used to create photographic art that’s always on display. 


Pick the highlights from the year and enjoy them over the next 12 months. These make a great gift idea, especially if you have a regular group that you attend sporting events or music festivals with. 

Create Wall Art with a Collage

You did it when you were a kid, and it’s still fun today: making giant collages. And it’s just as simple as you remember. Start with a base of cork board, and simply pin up and arrange your keepsakes in a way that looks good. There are no rules, and if you use thumbtacks or pushpins you can easily rearrange the pieces as your collection grows.


Think of it as a “wall of memories.” It’s a personal piece of art that makes a statement in your home, and you can continuously add to it as you attend more memorable events. It’s also something that everyone in the family can participate in, adding pieces to the collage as they collect more memorabilia.

Using some of these ideas, you can create a truly personalized piece that reminds you of some of your favorite event experiences.

by: Adam Young



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