Remarkable Stories From Our Customers

Remarkable Stories From Our Customers

As we creep up on Mixbook's 12-year anniversary, we are humbled that we've been able to share in your milestone memories for over a decade! We've seen our customers tell meaningful stories through cards, photo books, home decor, and wall calendars.

Birthday celebrations, birth stories, heartwarming albums full of love, and more have graced our photo goods creating smiles for all involved. 

A couple of our customers and fellow design partners shared their Mixbook stories with us, validating the important work we've strived to achieve. 

1. Hello!Lucky - The story of two moms, running their own business

Mompreneurs and sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle do more with Mixbook by creating charming products for their brand, Hello!Lucky. From greeting cards to home goods, the Moyles work together to craft whimsical, artfully arranged designs that people love to keep.

We've met so many great design partners over the past couple years, but Hello!Lucky continues to create stunning work for Mixbook customers, and putting more value behind their own brand.

2. The Harms - The Wanderlust Couple from Wisconsin 

Kara and Robin, purveyors of the Whimsy Soul lifestyle blog and local San Francisco adventurers, use Mixbook photo books to immortalize their most memorable moments and inspire other people to explore the world around them - and they're always excited when one of their new creations arrives in the mail. Part of the reason? There's plenty of time after the fact to discover little details they might've been too preoccupied to catch the first time around.

"I think I can say for the both of us that we're really excited to see where else it takes us and documenting all those memories in a Mixbook," says Kara. Travel photo books are always a hit with the couple, where they document each step of their journeys to look back on later.

3. Real Happy Dogs - Sharing Pet Rescue Stories

Milla Chappel of Real Happy Dogs says, "I partner with local rescue groups and shelters to take positive images of homeless dogs to try to show people that they can relate to these dogs - that they could be part of their family. I really do believe in the power of seeing photos in print. Mixbook creates a beautiful product and a beautiful way to do that."

Giving Milla a way to highlight the importance of pet adoption and rescue has helped tell her story and shed light on hundreds of happy furry families across the United States. 

4. The Vances - Changing Lives Through Adoption 

What if you could say that Mixbook changed your life? Sean and Megan Vance can. The couple used a custom family photo book to reflect their personalities, day-to-day lives, hopes and dreams, to connect with their first son's birth mother. Together, the Vances built a personalized family profile that helped Gavin's birth mother choose them from a pool of waiting adopters.

The ability to customize your photo project allows you to create something that is 100% self-representational. Adoption portfolios are a huge part in the search for children and teens who need a home with a loving family. 



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