4 Tips for Better Photo Book Layouts

When it comes to choosing a photo book layout—or even designing your own—to commemorate your latest achievements and activities, you can either opt for a crafty handmade effect or aim for a sleeker modern design. To create a final product you can be proud of, we gathered four tips you can try with our editor to make the most of your photo book layout, no matter which style you select. Creating a Crafty Photo Book Layout The best part of digital scrapbooking is having zero mess to clean up. But just because you’re not working with paper, stickers, and scissors doesn’t mean that your photo book can’t look like it came straight out of your living room. Here are two ways you can use our editor to create a photo book that achieves the handmade quality you’re aiming for.

1. Tilt Your Axis

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For a homey effect, throw the ruler out the window by loosening up the reins on your layout grid. Tilt images, layer one on top of another, and add words and phrases that help convey the emotions you felt at the time of the featured event. Sprinkling quotes throughout your layout is great way to express how you felt during the special moments you’re memorializing.

2. Experiment with Materials and Effects

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It’s not only fun to add paper stickers and ribbon to your layout, but it's also an effective way to create a charming photo book that's full of dimension. Experiment with different materials including buttons, flowers, and corner frames to achieve a handmade effect. To make your layout uniquely yours, add sticker clusters. Set yourself free from templates by layering stickers that complement one another. Piling stickers from within the same theme helps keep your layout looking cohesive and not sporadic. Experiment with drop shadows to create a three dimensional effect.

Creating a Sleek Photo Book Layout If a modern, professional-looking photo book layout is your aim, give the following two tips a whirl.

3. Follow the Rules

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In contrast to the free-form grid we previously mentioned, you can easily create a polished photo book by placing images on a page in a way that keeps in line with a traditional (albeit imaginary) grid. Add interest to your layout by increasing the size of some photos to expand into one or two “boxes” of your grid. For a quick and easy way to fill a grid with photos, try our AutoMix magic wand tool, which automatically populates sleek layouts with your photos.

4. Minimize Distractions

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While stickers and embellishments are charming, they can also work against you if you want to keep the focus on your photos. Just say no to adding extras. When you opt out of layering accessories on your pages, you'll end up with a clean photo book layout that you’ll be proud to show off. One key design element that distinguishes professional layouts from homey ones is space. Create a path for your eye to travel from one image to the next with ease. Not only does this technique make it easier to visually digest photo book pages, but it also gives each photo the prominence it deserves.

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