5 Ideas for Thanksgiving Recipe Greeting Cards

One of the best things about the Thanksgiving table is the spirit of sharing. Not only does each person at the table typically contribute an element of the meal, it’s usually representative of their history – a way for that person to share a family or personal tradition with others. But since not everyone you love can fit around your Thanksgiving table, sharing a thoughtful recipe card is a lovely way to tell someone you’re grateful for them – even if they have Thanksgiving plans of their own.

Happy Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

1. Include a Well-Loved Family Recipe If there’s one Thanksgiving recipe that you love, here’s your chance to share it. If you’re willing that is. You can tease your friends a little by finally offering up the recipe for your famous apple pie, only to list “1 Tablespoon top-secret ingredient” as a key component. Or, if you’re signature offering is a killer spiked eggnog recipe, have a little fun by giving it a hilariously contradictory name like Gramma Bitty’s Eggnog Moonshine.

Thanksgiving Recipe Greeting

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2. Make It Personal In a card format, there won’t be enough room to include the full history of the dish, but a line or two about its origin is enough to jog the memories of family members. And for friends and acquaintances who don’t know about your family’s traditions, a short anecdote might inspire a great conversation about your roots and what Thanksgiving means to you.

3. Add a Little Artwork If there are children in your life, make their artwork famous by using it as a design element on your Thanksgiving card. They’ll be over the moon with pride – and it will teach them a little something about how thankful you are for them. Who doesn’t love a Tom Turkey made from a child’s handprint? My son’s preschool class created a fun take on the original, which in my memory was always a traced hand that was then cut out of brown construction paper. I love the way this handprint makes it that much more personal.

Thanksgiving Recipe Card

4. Add a Photo or Two If you have a great photo of a past Thanksgiving, consider placing it right next to a more recent photograph. It’s a nice way to juxtapose the abiding ritual of sharing this traditional meal together. If you have a photograph of a family matriarch preparing a special family dish or the patriarch brining the turkey, use that photograph alongside a grandchild learning the family tradition.

5. Include Words of Thanks And while the importance of looking back and carrying on traditions is so important, the gratitude that we feel – and express – in the here and now is the absolute heart of the holiday. So take a moment to reflect on what YOU’RE thankful for and put it into your own words. For more ideas on creating cards to showcase what you're thankful for, check out these photo card ideas. Family and friends near and far will be able to pick up on the authenticity of your gratitude – and it will fill their hearts with warmth. 

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