5 Kid-Friendly DIY Tricks for Hosting a Home Spa for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and I for one can dream of nothing I’d like less than eating breakfast in bed. I have never understood the allure of eating with unbrushed teeth while lying in bed—spa treatments are more my cup of tea. But on Mother’s Day, I want to be with my kids, not checked into a spa somewhere. Even though I’m fortunate enough to be home with my kids when they’re not in school, for me Mother’s Day is about spending time with my family and soaking in precious moments with my kids. And while a gift certificate for a professional massage (and a hall pass to have a day off from parenting) is wonderful and essential once in a while, it’s the sensation of my kids’ small hands giving me a foot rub or a back tickle that’s truly priceless.

My advice for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Make mom a great breakfast—served where she wants it, whether that’s on a sunny deck, in a cozy breakfast nook, or (if she happens to like eating where she sleeps) in bed—then treat her to an at-home spa day. Here are five simple ways to make her feel spoiled and loved with an hour of DIY indulgence.

diy spa treatments

1. Present Her with Flowers

Before mom gets out of bed (hopefully she’s sleeping in on Sunday morning), head outside and go on a hunt for beautiful home-picked flowers. In my book, they’re at least twice as special as a bouquet brought home from the florist. Or, make a bunch of paper flowers like these beautiful paper roses from Dozi Design. You can even write a few Mother’s Day wishes in small letters right on the paper spirals before you wrap them up. She’ll have fun unwrapping each bloom and finding little love notes written just for her (and kids will love watching her uncover the hidden message!). Consider using one of the flowers to reveal her big surprise of an at-home spa day!

2. Draw Her an Herbal Bath

Make your own concoction of herbs and bath salt to create a relaxing tub tea for mom. I love the Luxury Bath Tea on Bath Body Supply because it’s simple to make a batch and gift it in a cute little jar with a ribbon wrapped around the mouth. Skip the gift packaging if you’re going to pour your ingredients right in the bath, or make a double batch and package half in a cute little jar so she can indulge another day too. While the water is filling up, set the scene in the bathroom with a lit candle, a little music, and a cup of coffee, tea, or wine depending on the time of day!

3. Watch Her Face Light Up

Once she’s settled in for a soak, whip up a fresh batch of Martha Stewart’s signature skin-brightening mask made from papaya, honey, and yogurt. Deliver it tub side and instruct her to apply it to her skin with her fingers and leave it on for about ten minutes. Leave her with a fresh washcloth that’s been soaked in hot water so she can rinse it off with something other than bath water.

4. Give Her Some Sugar

While her mask sinks in, stir up some brown sugar and vanilla body scrub. The recipe from A Thrifty Mrs. calls for a little sugar—both the white and brown varieties—good vanilla extract, and a couple glugs of olive oil. Tell her to scrub down her legs and arms for a little mini-massage that will make her skin super soft and her muscles ultra relaxed.

5. Hand Her a Warm Towel

When she’s polishing her skin with sugar, that’s your cue to toss a big bath towel and her robe in the dryer by themselves for a few minutes. Let them tumble away with a lavender sachet until she’s ready to get out. She’ll love stepping out of the bath and drying off in a spa-style heated towel, then wrapping up in her warm robe. Finish off her spa treatment by having the whole family run her feet and hands at once.

Share this post so dads find it and orchestrate a home spa-day for the many deserving moms out there! I’m crossing my fingers that this post goes viral and my husband hears about the idea… For my own mom, I’ll probably skip the bath ritual and go right to the foot rub.

How about you? What would you add to—or subtract from—this home spa treatment?

(5) image via flickr user sciascia

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