Create Stand Out Holiday Cards with These 5 Tips

There’s no doubt we’re quickly entering the holiday season and everyone’s thinking about finishing up those holiday photo cards. You may even be hoping to take advantage of our Black Friday sale! ;) So in this Mixblog entry, we’ve got five tips to make sure your holiday card is proudly displayed in the homes of friends and family.

Make Holiday Cards That Will Impress Your Family and Friends.

Tip #1: Play with typography Typography is a quick and easy way to make your cards pop. Check out our Rockin’ Christmas cards, Black and White Vintage Type, or Rustic Christmas cards for great typography usage.

Holiday Card Fonts

All three of these designs play off different types of fonts, text colors and sizes to create a great card. If you have a favorite holiday saying, feel free to use that saying instead. Simply highlight specific words or phrases and accent them by changing the color, font, or text size!

Tip #2: Create a wacky card Most families are used to the receiving perfectly posed holiday cards, so this year, why not stand out from the bunch? Instead of the usual polished holiday card, create a wacky one that will make friends and family laugh (then enter our Pinterest contest while you’re at it!). Whether you’re sending a photo of your little one crying on Santa’s lap or a photo of your youngest being wrapped and shipped off to Grandma as her “Christmas gift,” you’re sure to have one of the more memorable holiday cards this year!

Crying Daughter
Wacky Christmas

Tip #3: Add accenting embellishments or dress up your cards with stickers If you’re on the craftier side, why not jazz up your cards with physical embellishments from your local craft store? Twine, pompoms and paper craft stickers are all great places to start! To get the ideas flowing, check out our blog post here.

You can also use our stickers to dress up your photos. Search the terms “hats” or “mustache” to bring up some stickers to use on your photos. We’ve also got a “Santa’s Helpers” and “Family of Elves” card that already has these silly stickers preloaded for you. Tip #4: Take a great, candid photo I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about a candid photo that speaks volumes. You can’t help but mimic their expressions and be transported into the photo yourself. Nothing beats catching someone in a moment of holiday joy! Check out our candid photography post for tips and tricks to snap the best shot!

Unposed Holiday

Clockwise from the top:

Drifting Snowflakes


Transparent Dots


Chocolate Ribbon


Tip #5: Pose silly holiday photos!

Forget the boring sit and smile family poses and create funny holiday related scenes! (This definitely plays into our second tip of creating a wacky card as well!)

Summer Driggs of Summertime Designs used the following photos for her Christmas card. Her entire family made the naughty list and are now lined up for Santa!

Christmas Front

In the ABC Family show, “Baby Daddy,” family and friends dressed up as various Christmas characters for their holiday photo.

We hope these tips have given you some great ideas to make a stand-out holiday card you’ll truly be proud of! We’d love to see your creations, so make sure to enter our Wacky Christmas card contest, or link us to your project in the comments section below! Who knows, your card may even get a feature on our Facebook page! :) Until next time, happy Mixbooking!

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