5 Ways to Amp Up the Fun Factor of Your Wedding Invitations

Whether you choose to create traditional wedding invitations or go with more casual or personal ones, it can be fun to add a little extra something to your wedding stationery for a boost of fun and personality. Here are our five favorite wedding invitation add-ons that are easy to create using a Mixbook template, or by simply choosing a suite of Mixbook wedding stationery and adding a finishing touch in the form of a bow.

1. Ticketing Agent If you’re planning a destination wedding, choose an invitation that resonates with the setting you’ve chosen: a palm-tree accented card for a tropical locale, beach-themed invitation for a ceremony at the shore, or a vineyard theme for a wine-country wedding. But instead of choosing a perfectly matched card for the trip details, include a faux ticket that summarizes the destination details.

Elegant Ticket Wedding Invitation

2. Love Map On the reverse of your Directions Card, add a personalized map with favorite sentimental landmarks indicated with a key. Simply upload a jpeg of a map, then add sticker icons to locations that mean something to you as a couple. Using a key below, include brief details about what those spots mean to you.

Love Map Invite

3. Story Time Include a printed card that tells the story of how you met or gives a chronological overview of the key points in your relationship. You can keep it clean and typographic as I did here, or you can include a couple of sweet photographs to illustrate key moments. Remember to keep your love story short and sweet! Friends and family want to read an innocent love note, not a steamy romance novel.

Story Time Invite

4. Newlywed Game Include a quiz about the happy couple. Instruct guests to handwrite their answers right on the card and mail it back to the bride and groom along with their response cards. It will be fun to read everyone’s submissions as they come in, and you can add them to your wedding album for reminiscing years down the road. Make sure you include a note that offers some sort of incentive for getting creative, for example, add a note explaining that winners in the categories of “most creative answers” and “most accurate answers” will receive a prize at the reception.

Newlywed Game Invitation

5. Perfect Details Tie a ribbon around all the elements in your wedding invitation suite for an extra-special finishing touch. Choose a ribbon that complements your stationery. For a traditional touch, go with a simple grosgrain ribbon. For a formal feel, tie a satin bow. And to play up the nature theme of an outdoor wedding wrap twine around the stationery suite before sending.

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