5 Ways To Get Crafty—Not Tacky—This St. Patrick’s Day

Back in the day when getting in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day meant breaking out my beloved green corduroys, feasting on corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and drinking Guinness with friends, I was an avid fan of the holiday. Since having children, however, the kitchy side of St. Patty’s Day has soured me on the celebratory side of this particular holiday. My house is simply too small to absorb the inevitable explosion of cartoony Leprechaun heads, garish glittery rainbows, and fake green food coloring without having a distinctly negative effect on my mood. So I set out to find Not-Ugly St. Patrick’s Day Crafts that my kids would have fun making, and that I would consider myself lucky to display in my home. St. Patrick's Day craft ideas

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1. Trap a Leprechaun Santa is cool and all, but kids never get to believe they actually have a chance of catching him. Trapping a leprechaun, on the other hand, sounds do-able. I tell my kids that each year on St. Patrick’s Day, tiny leprechauns sneak into homes looking for treats. Help your child conceive an idea to lure a leprechaun into a trap using anything you have on hand that could act as a treat. We have yet to actually trap one, but my children love discovering chocolate gold coins dropped by the leprechauns as they ran off with the treat and made their escape. Click here for leprechaun trap ideas you can make from odds and ends lying around your house.

2. Get Over the Rainbow Make a modern-art-inspired kinetic rainbow mobile. You’ll enjoy how it spins and flutters ever so gently with the breeze, and your kids will love pretending that any movement is from leprechauns darting through the room.

3. Grow a Shamrock I lack a green thumb, but even I was able to keep a shamrock plant alive for a couple years. Kids will love how the leaves open with daylight and close at dusk. Plus, you’ll feel ever so lucky that this St. Patrick’s Day craft is devoid of Green Dye #22.

4. Find a Pot of Gold Paper chains aren’t just for Charlie Brown Christmas trees! Loops of brightly colored construction paper are perfect for fashioning a magical rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. And, just like real rainbows, they disappear into thin air with the leprechauns when St. Patty’s Day is over.

5. Bake Irish Soda Bread Never mind that the Irish didn’t actually invent soda bread. It’s become inextricably identified with all things Irish nevertheless. For a lucky twist on traditional Irish soda bread, we love Heidi Swensen’s wholegrain take on a St. Patrick’s Day standard.

Get into the holiday spirit by browsing our new St. Patrick's Day cards and customizing one of your own!

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