6 Ideas for Unique Halloween Party Invitations

No matter how old you are, it’s exciting to get a printed party invitation in the mail. And if it’s a Halloween party, all the better! Everyone knows that Halloween kicks off a season of celebration, and since it’s the first holiday in this busy time for parties, everyone’s spirit and energy are high. A Halloween party is all about having fun and sharing treats, without any of the pressure that goes along with Thanksgiving and Christmas. So strike while the iron’s hot and host a gathering –that’s either ghoulish or gourd-ish for family and friends. Start by brainstorming party ideas or check out our 6 Halloween Party Ideas post. Once you have a general theme in mind, get to work on your invitation. Since this time of year tends to get busy with parties and events, send your invites out as early as you can. When you order your Halloween invitations through Mixbook, it’s a great idea to order stamps from the U.S Post Office at the same time. This year, the best stamps to accompany your invitations are the Year of the Dragon forever stamps or the Birds of Prey first-class stamps. Or you can use the Pumpkins and Gourds custom first-class postage,  which looks particularly festive on a Halloween party invitation.

Pumpkin Postage

Pumpkin Carving Party Invite

Insert all your details into the card using the quick card editor, then click to order. Or you can customize your card with photos of past pumpkins. Use the reverse of the card to add photos and any specific details about your gathering. Make sure it’s clear as to whether guests are expected to bring their own pumpkins. If small children are invited, you might suggest that parents bring several tiny pumpkins that kids can decorate with stickers and markers.

Pumpkin Party Invite

*Pumpkin Party Invite

Carving Party

*Carving Party Invite

Trick or Treat Party

When you create your invitations for a trick-or-treat party, make it clear to everyone that you’ll be heading out in the neighborhood for the annual ritual. You might also want to remind parents to make sure kids are bundled up under their costumes if need be. You can also include details on the route you plan to take so that parents can feel confident about where their kids will be.

Candy Corn Party
Trick or Treat Web
Candy Corn Treats

*Candy Corn Treats Invite

Haunted House Party

For your haunted house party invitations, simply change the language on the invitation just enough so that guests know they’re being invited to play a role in the haunting. You can even make a list on the back of your invitations about what parts guests can sign up for – from the living dead that will spring up from tombs to the zombie whose job it is to hold a bowl of candy by the front door. Ask guests to claim specific roles when they RSVP. Make sure you include an option for being a living dead sipping cider in the corner so guests know they don’t have to be a thespian to participate.

Ornamental Bats
Haunted House

*Ornamental Bats*Haunted House

Cocktails & Spirits Party

Enter your party details into Mixbook’s Creepy Cocktails or Halloween Cocktail Party invitations, or choose any of the Halloween-themed party invitation and modify accordingly. When you’ve landed on your signature cocktail to serve at your party, create another Mixbook project using the same card but upload the recipe in place of party details. This will be a fun party favor to pass out to guests once they’ve come under its spell at your spooky soiree.

Creepy Cocktails Invite
Halloween Cocktail Party Invite

*Creepy Cocktails*Halloween Cocktail Party

Spooky Story Party

Change the details in Mixbook’s Halloween Elegance or Hallow’s Eve Soiree card to reflect your unique theme. Make it clear to guests that your party will revolve around the dark side of literature from macabre classics to campy horror fiction. Ask guests to bring their favorite bone chilling passage to share aloud and to dress in character for a dramatic reading of their piece. Decorate with pulp copies of classic ghost stories, and serve appetizers named after famous protagonists of horror fiction.

Hallows Eve Soiree

*Hallows Eve Soiree

Horror Film Party

To create your invitations for a party based on horror films, simply change the text on any one of Mixbook’s Halloween invitations, like Graveyard Bash. Choose several films to screen, note them on your invitations, and invite guests to dress in character. Decorate with props from your favorite horror flicks. From hockey masks to bloody axes, any local Halloween store should have lots of inexpensive options for adding a bit of gore to your décor.

Graveyard Bash

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6 Creative Halloween Party Ideas