6 Tips for a Productive Black Friday Weekend

The infamous day after the Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. Black Friday is a day when literally millions of Americans get a head start on huge holiday sales. A full 24 hours of crowded department store shopping might not be your cup of tea (or eggnog). There are actually many people who would rather stay home and make the most out of their day off instead of fighting over TV sets. Here are our six tips for having an actual productive Black Friday at home!

1. Try new recipes

You might have tons of leftovers from Thanksgiving in your kitchen. Use this as a chance to experiment with new recipes and flavors. You'll be surprised how many delicious new meals can be made from last night's feast. We've linked to some of our favorite next-day reinventions:

Thanksgiving Leftover Nachos - Spicy, melty, cheesy. All our favorite adjectives.


Cheesy Mashed Potato Breakfast Pancakes - Keep the comfort food theme going with these amazing pancakes.


Thanksgiving Leftover Eggs Benedict - Slide in some honey baked ham to really up the flavor factor.


For more delicious recipe ideas, visit our Pinterest board!

2. Enjoy nature

Did you know that some states like California, Minnesota, and Missouri are participating in "Free Park Friday?" In an effort to promote the beautiful wilderness of the fall season, some state parks and recreation areas will not be charging admission fees! Check with your local state parks department to see if your state is participating. Bring along a hearty Thanksgiving leftover club sandwich for a picnic among the pines!

state parks mixbook thanksgiving black friday

3.  Winter Cleaning

As the weather starts to get colder as we enter December, take the day to do some winter cleaning. If your family members have any items they would like to donate, shelters would be extra thankful this time of year. Clearing some space in your closet is a smart idea around the holidays. Gifted clothing items might just replace the space you made. And we can all say "thank you" for that!


4. Start your holiday shopping list

You have exactly 29 days until the Christmas holiday fills our homes and hearts with joy. Don't get stuck procrastinating gifts and defaulting to gift cards. Start writing out your holiday gifting list and get ahead of the December rush. Our Mixbook Holiday Gift Guide is a great starting point for thoughtful gifts that will fit your budget and gifting needs. View some ideas from our guide - see tip number six for the added bonus of starting early.

holiday gift guide

5. Netflix, Cocoa, & Crafts

Yes, being productive can mean catching up on all of those shows your coworkers are always chatting about! Invite your friends over, share cocoa recipes, and bundle up for the best kind of marathon. Take the opportunity to do a holiday craft circle. Explore Pinterest beforehand to plan some great and easy crafts for your friends to join in on. We've collected tons of holiday crafts that you can browse on our Pinterest holiday craft board.


6. Mixbook's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Our Black Friday sales start 11/24! Avoiding the mall riot-worthy sales and die-hard department store campers is probably a good idea. Why not stay home and get shopping done quickly? Lucky for you, Mixbook.com will be hosting amazing sales this weekend. Today, 11/24 we're featuring up to 55% off cards and 45% everything! And on Black Friday we have BOGO deals on EVERYTHING! You'll not only save money but time as well. What you can get done from the comfort of your own home is worthy of a couple extra marshmallows in that hot chocolate. If you're waiting to get shopping done online for Cyber Monday, Mixbook.com will have up to 55% off everything and free US ground shipping.

mixbook black friday sales

Whatever you decide to do after Thanksgiving, Mixbook wishes you and your loved ones a great holiday together. Enjoy each other's company and make great memories.



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