A new update is born!

Creator 2.0 Our newest improvement to date is here! Finally, a new photobook creator is born! This creator is faster, easier to use, and completely customizable. You spoke, and we heard you. You wanted to create your own layouts from scratch, and now you can. Here are a few other changes and updates that have been made:

- Faster and smoother uploading process - Undo and Redo buttons (great for the klutzes like me who need to fix simple mistakes) - Photos can be dragged straight from the photo drawer to a blank page - Preview your book right in the photobook creator! - Resize, rotate, and crop photo slots - Add a color overlay to backgrounds - Adjust the drop shadow on your photo - Usage of the Cut and copy shortcut keys

This is just the beginning of the list of cool new features we'll be adding in the next few months, if you have any feedback please feel free to email us at info@mixbook.com with any questions or comments.

Until then, enjoy the new photobook creator!

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