Mixbook Editor Tip: How to Access Stickers from Past Photo Book Projects

Stickers are an important part of every Mixbook. They can take your page layout from boring to brilliant by highlighting just the right photo or setting the mood for the entire page! The feeling you get when you find that perfect sticker is a mixture of great happiness and satisfaction! After creating a few Mixbooks, we’re sure that many of you have begun to compile a list of go-to stickers. Or perhaps you’re working on your new project and just can’t find that one specific sticker. You know it’s there, you’ve used it in a past project, but for some reason you can’t find it. The solution? Being able to easily access the stickers that you have used in a past project for your new project!

This tutorial shows how easy it is to access stickers you've used in past projects and allows you to begin embellishing your pages in no time.

Imagine the following scenario. While working on your daughter’s Precious in Pink baby book, you realize it’s missing something. It finally hits you; nowhere in the book is there any representation of her first and favorite stuffed animal, Mister Bunny. Luckily, you recall using the perfect bunny sticker in your past Easter project. In three quick and easy steps, you can grab that bunny sticker and continue the creative process!

Step 1: Launch your project in the editor and click on the Stickers tab. Click the orange Add Stickers button, so the following box appears within your editing window:

Sticker Tab Step 2: Click on the My Content Tab and click on the title of your past project containing your desired sticker (in this case, our Easter project).

Add Stickers Window Step 3: Click on the bunny sticker (and any other stickers you may want to use). The stickers will then fade from the box, and a green check mark will appear next to them.

Past Stickers Added

You can confirm that the stickers have successfully been added to the project by viewing the Project Stickers section in your Sticker tab.

Sticker Tray

Now you're ready to add the stickers to the page!

New Page with Past Sticker

If you’ve got some backgrounds you’d like to use, you can follow the same steps above. Instead of clicking on the Sticker Tab, click on the Background Tab and the Add Background button. Now you’re ready to continue your project! Happy Mixbooking!

*Insider Tip: If you’ve got favorite stickers and backgrounds from multiple projects and themes, create a Favorites project and add all the stickers and backgrounds into that project. For each new project you create, you now only need to make one stop to access your favorite items!

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