An Endsheet Explanation

“What are endsheets?”
Leather and HardcoversThis is a common question our customer care department receives and can be a little difficult to explain without actual visuals. In this blog entry we’ll explain what endsheets are and show you some examples to help you better understand their placement in your book. Front EndsheetsSo what are they exactly? Endsheets can be found in our hardcover and leather books. They are placed between the cover and the first or last page of your book. Endsheets are meant to help reinforce you photo book's binding as well as offer some degree of protection to your pages.

Back EndsheetAt this time, our hardcovers come with white endsheets and our leather covers come with black endsheets. Nothing can be physically printed onto these sheets, but they’re great for hand-written personal notes! :) (Don't forget to use an acid-free pen to preserve your photo book pages!)

Blank PageEndsheets are not represented in the Mixbook editor as they are not used for all our books. However, we do want to let you know that all our books start with the first page on the right hand side. This is why your project starts with a single page, instead of a two-page spread. In the screen shot above, notice that the page to the left is blank – nothing can be added there as this is where the front endsheet would be (or the back of the front cover in a softcover book).

We hope this explanation and its accompanying photos have helped you to better understand what end sheets are and why they are placed in your Mixbook. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below or shoot us an e-mail at We’re always more than happy to help! Until our next entry, happy Mixbooking!

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