And the Winners Are...

Congratulations to our What's "Pin"spiring You This Month? Contest winners who were each randomly selected to win a free Mixbook photo book. We asked you what was inspiring you at the moment, whether it was a killer cake pop recipe you found on Pinterest, or an Angry Birds-themed birthday party you're planning for your tiny tot. You posted your answers here on Mixblog, and we enjoyed hearing every single one of your 1,000+ comments sharing with us what design trends, life events, and family members are inspiring you right now. Let's take a closer look at our winners' smiling faces and inspirational comments.

pinterest contest winners

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Question: What's "Pin"spiring You?


Jessica (left row, top): "I'm getting married in October and I love using Pinterest to get ideas and to keep them all in one place!"

Katie (left row, bottom): "What is inspiring me this month is the do it yourself blogs! I just love the renovating and organizing blogs that I have found because of Pinterest!!"

Nicki (center row, top): "I'm inspired by my sewing magazines, sewing blogs and of course, the DIY projects on Pinterest!"

Patty (center row, bottom): "Looking for fun things and ideas for my grandchildren."

Gloria (right row, bottom): "I am inspired for my grandmother's 88th birthday! I love you granny."

Michelle (right row, top): "My beautiful 21-month-old daughter, Austyn, is my inspiration this (and EVERY) month! She is 23 pounds of pure charisma! I love everything about her, right down to her crazy pinky toe! She has inspired me to be a better person since the day she entered my world! What a blessing!"

Margaret (not pictured): "I'm completely in love with an awesome handmade hobby horse dragon at Endeavour Toys."

Glena (not pictured): "I have done two books that have come out beautifully.  Can't wait to do more!"

Rhonda (not pictured): "I love sharing recipes and DIY ideas with friends on Pinterest. I help teach a preschool class at our church, and I scour the site for easy crafting ideas for the little ones to try. I found the sweetest Prayer Journal they can put together for their Mommys for Mother's Day this year!"

Karen (not pictured): "I am excited to make my first book of our Papa & Grammy Camp for our grandchildren."

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