Baby Shower Invitations & Party Ideas

Before the diapers, the sleepless nights, the hours whiled away staring at baby for no other reason than he (or she!) is so ridiculously beautiful... The time has come to celebrate! Baby is coming!

Baby Shower Invitations

Maybe you have a little bundle of your own, maybe you don’t. Either way, you’re the amazing friend who knows how much it’ll mean to throw your dear friend, sister, cousin, work colleague or college roommate a baby shower. But who to invite and where to throw it? Mixbook paves the way with a few simple pieces of advice and a few more awesome girls and boys baby shower invitations.

Where to Throw It? A better question is where not to throw it. Nightclub? Top of a mountain? Amusement park? No, no and no. None of these are places a curvaceous pregnant woman who can’t really see her ankles anymore wants to hang out. Instead, think relaxing, comfortable and with easy bathroom accessibility. If you hit those three bullet points, mama-to-be will be happy and your shower will be a success.

Should There Be a Theme? If you want there to be a secondary theme, go for it. At my shower, all the guests brought a children’s book that they felt reflected my personality (I’m a bookworm). I’ve been to showers with sports themes, color themes, even arts and crafts themes. As long as you tap into the spirit of who your friend is, you can’t go wrong. Mixbook’s Chalkboard Sports invitation is a great example of advertising your theme from the get go.

Boys Baby Shower Invitations

What If We Don’t Know the Sex of the Baby? If your friend is one of those superhuman women who can wait 9 months without finding out the sex, even more reason to celebrate! Can you imagine waiting to find out a secret for 9 months? I couldn’t do it and I’m in awe of those moms who can. Throw a party that lets guests know it could go either way come delivery day and focus on neutral motifs and colors. Mixbook’s Baby Zoo Animals invitation, for example puts the emphasis on cuteness rather than the sex of baby-to-be.

Baby Shower Invitations

Mom-To-Be is Sophisticated and Not Into “Baby” Stuff. What Do I Do? I’ll tell you what to do, honor Mama. If your guest of honor would rather discuss art than change diapers or tear apart a legal brief than swipe at drool, throw a shower that’s glamorous and urbane. Have a spa theme or a luncheon somewhere posh that your friend loves to frequent. Mixbook’s Watercolor Dots Shower and Glittery Girl Shower are just what you’re looking for to get the celebration going.

Watercolor Baby Shower InvitationsGlittery Baby Shower Invitations

At the end of the day, your Baby Shower should be about honoring your friend’s milestone. She’s about to have a baby! Whether your friend is into all things vintage (Vintage Floral Shower), travels the world by the seat of her pants (Airplane Banner) or has that indescribable, Bohemian flair that everyone tries to emulate (Whimsical Florals), Mixbook ensures that both guests and the guest of honor see that your shower is no ordinary event.

Vintage Floral Shower Invitations Boys Airplane Baby Shower Invitations Girls Baby Shower Invites

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