Mixbooker Photo Book Idea: Children's Bedtime Story

Mixbook prides itself on the true personalization and customization each project can have. While we've got plenty of themes available, we encourage our users to go above and beyond to really make it theirs. To help inspire the creative mind, we've featured new ways to use Mixbook, from a 365 photo project to an inventive vacation photo book. Today's feature explores how two dolls quickly became the bedtime story stars for two young girls. Mixbooker Kim has created and ordered multiple Mixbooks, ranging from her wedding and honeymoon books to the first year of each daughter's life. Her most recent project revolved around her two daughter's security items- two dolls, both named Lucy. In our interview below, Kim discusses her inspiration, the process, and the final result of her Lucy bedtime story photo book.

Bedtime Story Front Cover

Mixbook: What inspired you to start the Lucy Mixbook? Kim: I originally thought of the idea while sitting in the car in a parking lot with the kids, while my husband scoured a store in search for one of my daughter's missing Lucy doll. I was surprised by my own emotions, thinking that she was lost for good. I found myself really upset that she was lost (we can thank Toy Story for that one) and was so relieved when he came out of the store with Lucy in his hand. I wanted to make a forever keepsake and bedtime story charting our experiences with Lucy, since their dolls really have become part of the family. Both dolls have been on every flight, every car ride and every adventure with us. This is why the cover shows Lucy at the beach on the front and back cover (they've been to both coasts).

M: What's the story behind the Lucy dolls? K: The originally Lucy was given to my oldest (who is now 3 yrs old) when she was 6 months old, as a gift from my aunt. It quickly became her security item. We called her Lucy because the name just seemed to fit her. We picked up a few extras along the way for when Lucy needed to be washed or if anything ever happened to her. When my second daughter was born, she was also given a "Lucy" by my same aunt. I was amazed that she immediately bonded with hers too.

M: How long did it take to finish this project? K: I tend to work on my projects during their nap time. I would do a little at a time and I believe it took me about 4 hours.

Bedtime Sample Page

M: What was the process like? How did you decide on which layouts to use and how to format the book? K: I actually had a lot of fun with it. I chose the White Portfolio layout since I wanted to keep it simple and a neutral color scheme, as I wanted the pictures to stand out. I also wanted it to be playful and chose stickers that would further emphasize the story.

M: Was it difficult to make the sentences rhyme? K: I didn't intentionally mean for it to rhyme at first, but as I started telling the story it made sense to make it rhyme. I pulled from events that I knew would stick out in their minds, [and] I thought that by rhyming it, it would help them remember the story years down the road.

Bedtime Rhyming Sentences

M: How did your daughters react when they saw the book for the first time? This was by far my all time favorite gift to them. The looks on their faces when I got the mail and opened it was worth it. They both looked at the book and said "LUCY"!!! at the very same time and I immediately wished I had ordered 2 since they both wanted to hold it.

M: Is this now their favorite bed time story? K: It has definitely become our bedtime favorite and has become part of our nightly routine.

M: Anything else you'd like to add? K: Most children have a security blanket or item they sleep with and take everywhere. I think making a book about it, perhaps will help them make a transition from it and give them something they can always hold on to. It was a way for me to highlight something that we may forget was so important to them in the "little" years. They grow up so fast!

Bedtime Story Back Cover

We definitely agree with Kim! Things do get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and capturing these precious moments in a Mixbook is a great way to hold on to the memories. Best of all, this book can become a treasured possession, being passed on as a bedtime story for generations to come! :)

Get started on your own White Portfolio bedtime storybook now!

In addition to being an avid Mixbooker, Kim is also the writer and owner of  the blog "Word 2 Your Mama." Head on over for organizational tips, kids crafts and ways to repurpose items around the house!

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