Behind the Mix: Denzil

Meet Denzil, our IT Manager.

IT Manager

How long have you been at Mixbook? Since August 2010.

What is your favorite thing about working at Mixbook? The Team; the people I work with are just amazing.

How long did it take for you to order your first project? It didn't take me very long since I did a lot of product/packaging testing when I first started at Mixbook. =P

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? If I could have one super power, it'd be to fly; I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want to fly whenever you felt like it???

What is your favorite hobby and how did you get into it? My favorite hobby is tinkering with technology, that includes embedded systems devices. In fact, check out my team's senior project from a few years ago:

My colleagues and I started this project because we felt that it had potential to serve people in a few dedicated roles. It's basically an embedded system built with a microcontroller, IR sensors, powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and all integrated to a printed circuit board, designed by us. It could serve as a learning tool for the hearing impaired, children growing up, or even just for the sake of being your own musical DJ! The possibilities are virtually endless and we wanted something very much tangible that would present very well at our Senior Project Expo at the end of the semester.

My other colleague still has the project in his possession and we had discussed potentially improving on the v1 of it. We aren't quite sure how marketable it could be but we think we could definitely fit a niche market. It's just a matter of getting us back together to actually follow through on it. :)

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