Behind the Scenes at Mixbook's Halloween Costume Party

We love celebrating Halloween here at Mixbook. This year's party was full of good food, games and contests!


Costume Contest The festivities began with our annual costume contest. This year's most creative award went to one of our Engineers, Denzil, who dressed up as "Bender Bending Rodriguez" from Futurama!

Costume Winner - Bender

Here is Bender with the rest of the Futurama team:


Another one of our favorites were these characters from "UP!"

UP Costume

Even our furry friends joined in the festivities!

Mixbook Dogs

Mummy Wrap The next part of our celebration was the mummy wrap race. The first team to fully wrap one mummy and cross the finish line won!


Pumpkin Carving Contest To finish off the party, we had a pumpkin carving contest.

Pumpkin Carving ContestPumpkins

There were a lot of creative ideas and the competition was tough, but the clear winner here was Mosaic!

Mosaic Pumpkin Our new iPhone app that launched yesterday!

We hope you enjoyed these behind the scenes photos. Until our next feature, keep up the Mixbooking! :)

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Introducing Mosaic - Our new iPhone App