10 Birth Announcement Trends for 2015


After months and months of waiting, your precious new bundle of everything is here, and it’s time to tell the world! One of the best ways to share your joy is with a Photo Birth Announcement. Photographs are a great opportunity to showcase the cuteness that has stolen your heart. Not only can friends and family oooh and ahhh over a Photo Birth Announcement, but they can also put it on the fridge or even frame it. My aunt has a wall in her hallway with all the grandchildren’s birth announcements cleverly framed and displayed with pride.

So in an homage to Late Night television and Late Night feedings, here are the top 10 Photo Birth Announcement trends for 2015:

10. Hand Lettering

Mixbook’s Hello Overlay and Hello Baby! announcements are excellent examples of this hip, eye pleasing style that uses casual typography to warmly welcome your newest addition.

Hello Overlay Birth Announcement
Photo Birth Announcements

9. Overlay

Subtle overlays of soft, translucent color artistically unveil your photograph in Mixbook’s Colorful Overlay and Ombre Overlay birth announcements.

Photo Birth Announcement Ideas
Birth Announcement Trends

8. Watercolor

From graduated stripes in Mixbook’s Watercolor Stripes announcement to a swash of color in Watercolor Stroke, natural brushstrokes add a pop of magic that feels fresh and frolicsome.

Watercolor Photo Birth Announcements
2015 Birth Announcement Trends

7. Collage

From Mixbook’s modern Graceful Gray announcement to its more shabby chic Adorable Baby Girl Birth Announcement, photographs of baby’s sweet face, sweet feet, and – let’s face it – sweet everything are a treasure trove of precious, captured moments. For those whose late nights have them seeing double, Mixbook’s Wood Block Collage provides a simpler template that’s easy to fill.

Collage Birth Announcement
Girls Birth Announcements
Collage Photo Birth Announcements

6. Monogram

Monograms never go out of style as seen in Mixbook’s classically chic Bold Monogram Girl and Simple Monogram Announcement.

Ideas Birth Announcements
Birth Announcements

5. Glitter

Glitter’s not just for New Year’s Eve. Celebrate your blessings with sparkle in Mixbook’s darling Glittered Confetti Announcement.

Glitter Birth Announcement

4. Chalkboard

There’s something sublime about an old-fashioned blackboard and Mixbook takes it to the next level with modern, eye-catching graphics. For those who love stylish simplicity, the Chalkboard - Blue, Chalked Border Announcement, and Chalkboard Girl Announcement hit the mark.

Chalk Birth Announcements
Chalked Announcement
Birth Announcement Trends

3. Washi Tape

Those in the know know that a tiny tab of Washi Tape creates a world of difference when it comes to creating a unique perspective. Mixbook is definitely in the know and has created the delicately divine Whimsy Washi for all you trendsetter parents.

Whimsical Birth Announcement

2. Craft Paper

For those who love a little bit of color, a little bit of stylish flair and a whole lot of cuteness, Mixbook offers the Adorable Baby Boy, Kraft Color Block and the Crafty Girl Birth Announcement. They combine the essence of homemade crafting with the design know-how of experts.

Craft Paper
Kraft Color Block
Birth Announcements

1. Herringbone

Timelessly appropriate for any occasion, Mixbook appropriates the classic herringbone pattern in its charmingly tasteful Herringbone Announcement. It’s a statement and an announcement all in one.

Birth Announcements

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