How to Create a Photo Book for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Almost everyone has a sister, a cousin or a friend who has had breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women are susceptible during their lifetime; and as we get older, our chances of getting it increase. If your family has been impacted by breast cancer, you know how hard it is to go through. Create a photo book for loved ones that celebrates the survivor, encourages the fighter, chronicles the journey, or remembers the loss.

Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Book

FOR THE SURVIVOR If someone you love has survived breast cancer, create a book that gives evidence of the silver lining, celebrates a recovery milestone, or one that simply shows that your support is still there. Lots of cancer survivors start noticing that the phone calls start to taper off, even when she’s still taking pills, going to follow-up appointments, and facing fear and other emotional fallout from the ordeal. A photo book for the survivor lets her know that you’re still actively thinking of her, and that you’re still there for her. Remind her to take care of herself with little indulgences, naps, cups of tea and dates with friends – but, most importantly – remind her she is not alone. Mixbook’s Everyday Chalkboard photo book theme is perfect for creating an album that celebrates the breast cancer survivor.

Breast Cancer Photo Book

FOR THE FIGHTER For someone facing breast cancer, it’s best to skip the self-help book for beating the disease. She’s likely to be better helped by receiving a book that offers personal encouragement. Address her as the person she is and was before cancer, not just as the cancer victim. Have friends write messages to boost spirits and show support. Don’t just say “you’ve got this!” because it makes light of something very scary. Instead, offer up the kind of encouragement that acknowledges how crappy it is. A little humor and irreverence can go a long way. Mixbook’s Natural Textures photo book sets the perfect backdrop to photos and words of encouragement for someone who is in the middle of her battle with breast cancer. The natural elements will help her to transcend the soul-crushing sterility of medical buildings and focus on who she is in normal life – the person she’s striving to be again very soon.

Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Book

FOR YOURSELF Some women who face breast cancer keep a journal that chronicles their path, from facing hair loss to undergoing treatment and wearing wigs, hats and scarves. Include chronological self-portraits and thoughts you have along the way. Whether you intend to keep it completely private or you hope your journey will ultimately help someone else going down the same path, keeping track of the process can help to underscore the temporality of what you’re going through. It can be therapeutic to remember that there is a beginning, a middle and – hopefully – a happy ending to the ordeal. Mixbook’s White Portfolio is a clean way to set off photos that are as heart wrenching as they are hopeful.

Breast Cancer Album

FOR THE MEMORY If you’ve lost a loved one to breast cancer, create a book to celebrate her life. Be sure to include your favorite pictures and memories, but also photos, poems, words to live by, and pictures of places that were meaningful to her. It should be about how she perceived herself outside the context of cancer in addition to the grace and the hardship of her fight with the disease. Have friends and family members write some words to include in the album if they are so inclined, or gather the transcripts of speeches given at her memorial service.

Breast Cancer Photo Album"Our Story" Photo Book Theme

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