Canvas Prints Are Here!

I have four important birthdays to celebrate in October – and this year I know just what to get!

Mixbook’s Create Your Own Canvas is the perfect, thoughtful present to give friends and family. I don’t have to drive to four different stores or buy wrapping paper or wait in line all morning at the post office. Best of all, no one realizes how easy it is to create something so professional and distinctive.

Oct. 6: Great Aunt Norma – a canvas print of the family together on the vineyard

Oct. 12: Katie, my best friend from college – a canvas print of the view from our apartment in Paris

Oct. 17: Dad – a black and white canvas print of him shooting a three-pointer on the basketball court in 1963

Oct. 25: Uncle Atticus – a canvas print of a sunset he took on a cruise to Alaska this summer

The high quality of Mixbook’s Canvas Prints takes them straight from the box to your wall. Like gallery artwork, they are ready to hang and ready to be complimented. Simply click on the "Create a Canvas" button and drag or upload your photo onto Mixbook’s website here. You can edit out that random shoe in the corner, zoom in, zoom out, or even rotate your portrait if need be. After that, just put it in your cart and order! The heavy lifting is all on Mixbook.


Now, if you’re ordering a canvas for yourself (and we don’t blame you), there are plenty of ways you can showcase your new art.

Use painter’s tape to get your layout perfect. There’s a lot you can do with canvas prints! 


Whether you’re doing a collage, grid, or cluster of canvas configurations, the arrangements are almost endless!

Canvas prints can go great in an entryway. A beautiful family photo welcomes visitors and can immediately create a warm and fuzzy atmosphere.


A smaller canvas print makes a perfect table topper. Office desks, coffee tables, even shelves can hold your precious memories. 


A family favorite way to hang your canvas art is right over the living room couch. These photos can bring the room together and create an inviting space.


Canvas art prints make great gifts and perfect home decor solutions for empty walls. Visit Mixbook today to start your canvas collection! For more inspiration tips, visit our Canvas Print Inspiration pin board.

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