Celebrate with Diwali Photo Cards & Crafts

The "Festival of Lights" known as Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. With such an inspiring meaning, Mixbook has created Diwali festival greeting cards to bring the light to you and your loved ones.

diwali photo card holiday mixbook hindu photocard

Diwali celebrations feature bright, colorful decorations that are eye-catching. Mixbook's Diwali Collection was designed with exactly that same goal in mind. With accents of faux gold and modern design, these cards will be a joyful greeting to any recipient.

It can't be a Diwali greeting without lights! Our Rustic Diwali Greetings design has beautiful string lights and lantern illustrations against a soft wood background.

rustic diwali greeting card mixbook

You can create your own paper lanterns to light up your home. Use bright colors to make your celebration as colorful as your imagination. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Gather two colorful pieces of construction paper, scissors, and a stapler.

paper lantern craft mixbook 6

2. Fold one paper in half. Start cutting on the long closed edge and stop about an inch from the opposite edge.

paper lantern craft mixbook 8

3. Open the sheet and roll into a cylinder. Staple the ends together.

paper lantern craft mixbook 1 paper lantern craft mixbook 5

4. Roll your other color construction paper and insert it into the tube. Staple it in place. That's it!

paper lantern craft mixbook 3paper lantern craft mixbook 10

5. Add accents to the outside and get creative with different size lanterns!

paper lantern craft mixbook

If you're featuring a beautiful family photo, our Glitter Diwali and Diwali Greetings cards accent the vivid fabrics of traditional Hindu clothing.

glitter diwali greeting card mixbookdiwali greeting card mixbook

Get creative with your family photo! There are many ways you can spice-up group shots. The kids might even sit still for the photo. Pose with some sparklers for an added effect. You can make your own paper sparklers that the kids can play with.


You can let the design do the greeting if you'd prefer. With great color and typography, a card can stand out on its own and still spread all the Diwali joy. Cards such as Happy Diwali and Festival of Lights  feature glowing illustrations and radiant colors fit for a modern day Diwali greeting.

happy diwali greeting card mixbook festival of lights diwali greeting card mixbook

We all need a little more light in our lives! This holiday is a beautiful celebration full of positivity and love. This collection encourages everyone to spread as much happiness as they can. Happy Diwali to everyone!

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