Christmas Card Ideas for Preschool to Make

Christmas Card Ideas for Preschool to Make

Ideas for Christmas Cards Themes for Pre-School

The artwork created by tiny hands becomes a precious piece of the family history. Preschoolers can make adorable custom photo Christmas cards themes designed to delight family and friends alike. Work hand in hand with your little one to create memorable holiday greetings that will be cherished as keepsakes for years to come.

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Young preschool-aged kids love doing art projects and custom Christmas photo cards will be no different. Expand their creative horizons with these make-your-own Christmas card ideas for preschoolers to make.

Create footprint penguins or snowmen.

Paint the bottom of your child's foot to resemble a penguin with black and white or simply in all white for a snowman. Stamp the footprints down on paper (colored paper for the snowmen) and decorate with faces and body details. Once dry, scan your artwork into the computer and upload it to Mixbook's online photo card editor for a simple preschool Christmas card idea.

Paint a handprint reindeer or Santa.

With a similar style, consider another fun holiday theme. Paint your child's palms in brown for reindeer or red and white for Santa and press them down on the paper. Add the other details and allow them to dry. Then, scan the artwork into a digital file and upload it into the online card-making software to create an incredibly unique Christmas card by a preschool-aged child.

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Make Christmas trees or wreaths with fingerprints for ornaments.

As another personalized Christmas card idea, your little one could make pretty artwork featuring fingerprint wreaths or a Christmas tree with colored ornaments painted by fingertip. Scan, upload, and arrange with other photos or as standalone artwork for a lovely and original preschooler Christmas card.

Create preschooler Christmas cards with his or her favorite photo.


You can create a lovely memory by designing make-your-own photo cards for Christmas with your preschool student. Go through the year's photos with your little one and allow your child to pick a few favorites. Move them around within the Christmas card theme or template to arrive at a final photo and design that you both love.

Design a photo collage to dazzle your recipients.

Work together with your little one to create a collection of photos that show off all the different sides of your preschooler. Spotlight activities or focus on adorable facial expressions. Blend the photos together with beautiful backgrounds that add a pop of color to the look of the card.

Give your child full creative freedom.

Mixbook's card creation software is extremely user-friendly and allows you to choose every aspect of your card's design. Explain to your child what each decision means--how the card will look when it's done in terms of the layout, the colors, and whether it's flat or folded.


As a finishing touch, help your little one to have fun picking out all the special accents for the cards. Consider the colorful and creative sticker options to apply to the cards or some real foil to add some sparkle and shine. No matter how your preschooler designs his or her custom Christmas card, the experience will be one close at heart for both of you for many years to come.

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