5 Clever Halloween Baby Announcements

5 Clever Halloween Baby Announcements

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social network to share the great news of your pregnancy or your little one's birth on Halloween with these fabulously fun ideas.

Halloween Baby Announcements and Pregnancy Announcements

Whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or you're the DIY type, there's a creative pregnancy or birth announcement for you in this round-up.


1. No Tricks - Just a Treat

Baby bump photos are a great way to announce that you're waiting on a new arrival, and if you're spreading the news around Halloween, dress in all the right colors for the season (or, if you're up for it, in costume). Caption the photo, "No tricks - just a treat. Our family is growing by two little feet!" and include your due date.

2. Welcome, Pumpkin

Pose three pumpkins together (two large pumpkins on each side of a small one), and write "Mom" and "Dad" on the biggest two. Put a tiny baby cap on the smallest pumpkin and write "Due on..." If you're a little more artistic, carve a large heart out of each of the big pumpkins; then, place the tiny pumpkin inside the "Mom" pumpkin for added aww-factor.

3. The Bun in the Oven Costume

Whether you're heading to a party where you and your other half breaking the news or you like to catch your friends and family by surprise, costumes are the way to go. Snag a pair of chef's hats, a "Bun in the Oven" tee for the mom-to-be and an apron for the bun-maker.


4. Help From Big Brother or Big Sister

Incorporate your whole family into a great photo where your older child or children are holding a pumpkin that says "Baby arriving in..." Your photographer can make it even more special by focusing in on the kids with the pumpkin, while you and your other half are blurred in the background.

5. Part of the Pumpkin Patch

You don't have to put your baby in a pumpkin to create a fabulous Halloween birth announcement photo; you can ask your photographer to compile fall props that celebrate your newest arrival. Posing your little one in a pumpkin patch or a wagon filled with hay is an adorable way to introduce him or her to the world.


Don't Forget Standard Halloween Baby Announcements

Sharing the great news with family and friends on social media is a new twist on tradition, but you'll still want printed photo baby announcements as keepsakes and to mail to those closest to you. You can create something truly spectacular when you explore our:

Girls' birth announcements

Boys' birth announcements

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Need help choosing the right style? Discover which type of birth announcement you should use


Did you announce your pregnancy or your baby's birth around Halloween? What did you do to make it special? Share your story in the comments so other moms and dads can get inspired, too.



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