How to Copy Your Photo Book to a Different Size

Have you ever created a book, only to find that a larger canvas would better suit the project? How about a project where you find that all your original photos are smaller than you had thought, and now you need to create your book in a smaller size? Believe us, it’s happened to the best of us! Luckily, Mixbook has created a very handy feature that allows you to recreate your book in a different size in a matter of minutes!

First, log in to your Mixbook account. Locate the project you would like to copy from your home tab.

Projects in Home Tab

One you have located it, click on the Copy link located to the right of your thumbnail. (In the screen shot above, you can see that the Copy link is already highlighted.)

After you click on the Copy link, a new page will load with the following box:

Copy Project Feature

In the Copy Name box, you can edit the title, so this copy is distinguishable from the original. If you do not to change the title, the word “(Copy)” will be added to the end of the original title.  If you’re not sure what to title the new copy yet, don’t worry! You can always change the project’s title later.

The next option you will see is the “Copy to Size (optional)” drop down menu. If you are making a duplicate of your project, you do not need to change this option. If you want to copy your project to a smaller or bigger size, click on the drop down menu and choose the appropriate size.

Please note, we always advise that you check over your copied project, especially when changing sizes. As proportions may not be the same, you will want to double check to see that everything is in the right place.

Your last option is whether or not to “Include Photos.” If this box is checked, all the photos in the original project will be copied over and placed in the new project accordingly. If this option is not checked, the tool will not copy over your photos to your new project. Instead, your copied book will resemble a book of templates.

The following photo shows pages two and three of the original Contemporary Seasons project.

Original Project

This next photo shows pages two and three when a copy is made and the "Include Photos" box is not selected:

Project Copy without Photos

As you can see, the layout, backgrounds, stickers, and text are all copied over, however, the photos are not included and have now become photo slots.

Once you have chosen your copy options, hit the blue “Copy Book” button and you’re finished! Copy accomplished!

Once the project has finished copying over, you will receive the following confirmation.

Copy ConfirmationYou can now see your new project in your Home Tab.

Copied Book

It’s like magic! Best of all, you can follow these exact same steps to make copies of cards and calendars as well!

We hope this helps! Happy Mixbooking!

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