Create A Royal Announcement of Your Own, Inspired by the Birth of Britain’s Future King

As an American living temporarily in London, there’s not much I can speak as an expert on when it comes to British culture. But, having arrived a few months before the royal birth, and currently living approximately one mile from both St. Mary’s hospital where little George was born and Kensington Palace where he’ll live, I can speak on the subject of what it’s like to be a non-native surrounded by the collective ethos of a country welcoming a future monarch.

And I have to say: it’s a sweet, happy occasion. But not really any more than that. After all, Kate and Wills are about as normal as any royalty could possibly be. And the arrival of any new baby is sweet and happy, future king or not. There are a smattering of well-wishes posted in storefronts and you see an occasional headline on the subject, but it’s not over-the-top in the least. It’s just a happy occasion enjoyed by most if ignored by some.

Royal Baby Announcement

From a distance – across the pond, say – it’s simple to perceive anything having to do with the British monarchy as stuffy and antiquated: a relic at best, a social injustice at worst. And while a mediocre cynic could make those cases any day of the week, the incredible history of the lineage is both historically significant and personally meaningful.

And after all, that’s really what any birth is, isn’t it? Significant to your family, your lineage, your history. So why not mark the occasion with a baby announcement that honors the enduring tradition that’s in your baby’s DNA. After the world has witnessed the birth of the little boy called George, they’ll be less likely to think you’ve put on fancy airs and more likely to recognize that in the midst of royal baby fever, you recognized the fact that your newborn is no less a little prince or princess than the actual baby who’s third in line to the throne.

Your Royal Announcement Unveil your once and future king or queen with a photo birth announcement from Mixbook. Their Little Royals baby announcement crowns your little prince or princess with a sweet little golden crown sticker. Your baby’s photo is surrounded by an elegant circular frame that’s set against a classic gingham backdrop.

Little Royals Birth Announcement

Little Royals Birth Announcement

Mixbook’s Royal Baby announcement features a more aristocratic rendering of a crown in pen and ink, with your baby’s details are scrawled below in a beautiful calligraphic typeface. A lace border surrounds the announcement with blue or pink in the background depending on the baby’s gender.

Royal Baby Birth Announcement

Don’t forget to place an easel in your front yard with baby details, Buckingham Palace–style! You’ll definitely want to display a formal note with text conveying the details of the birth and the general state of Her Royal Highness.

Some other favorites:

Classic Baby Damask"Classic Baby Damask"

Damask Announcement "Damask Announcement"

Vintage Plaque"Vintage Plaque"

Your Royal Welcome And don’t forget to host a celebration fit for a king (or queen)! Serve up some royal ales, pitchers of Pimm’s Cups and tiny finger sandwiches, plus – the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite – Sticky Toffee Pudding! Simply use the same Mixbook baby announcement as the template for your party invitation, adding celebration details to the placard on the front. Guests will revel in the fact that their royal invitation has finally arrived.

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