How to Create a Unique Father’s Day Card

Dads have always been amazing, but today’s average dad does it all. He’s often the primary breadwinner, and there’s a pretty good chance he’s involved in the everyday details of home life, competent in the kitchen, full of good advice and always up for a laugh. Give this modern-day Renaissance man the praise he deserves with a Mixbook card customized to reward him for his specific set of masterfully honed skills – even if (or perhaps especially if) they’re a bit more unique than those listed here.

World’s Greatest Dad Award No, seriously. Your dad really might be the best (next to my dad, of course). So tell him without mincing words that he’s really coming home with the mack daddy prize.

"Greatest Dad Frame" Greatest Dad Frame"Blue Ribbon" Father's Day Card

Our Hero Whether your dad or the father of your children is just your average everyday hero or an actual active-duty military hero, he needs to hear it. Whether home or overseas, heroes have a way of doing the tough stuff for us – and they should be duly thanked.

"Love You Dad" Father's Day Card"Our Hero" Father's Day Card

King for a Day If your dad has what it takes to rule the roost, crown him king with a card that grants him sovereign power on that special day in June. Whether that means surveying his domain with a day of golfing or taking his post on the thrown (a.k.a. the couch) and wielding his scepter (a.k.a. the remote), make sure he feels waited on hand and foot.

"You Rule, Dad" Father's Day Card"King For A Day" Father's Day Card

Superdad! Pretty much every dad dons a cape from time to time, but if your father is particularly good at taking on bad guys, fighting against forces of evil, and standing up for general universal good, then you really ought to celebrate him as the superdad he is.

"Superdad" Superdad

Dad of Mystery Surprise your international dad of mystery with an apropos disguise. He is, after all, the most interesting dad in the world, so he likely dresses the part with hipster sunglasses shielding his ultracool persona. Blow his cover by featuring a photo of the man himself sporting shades inside your card.

"You Da Man" You Da Man

You and Me, Dad If the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, celebrate your similarities with a card that gives him all the credit for who you’ve become – or blames it all on him, whichever applies…. If said apple is still a little guy, interview him and use his own adorable words.

"Dad & I" Dad & I

Family Collage Behind every great dad is a great family. Take the day to celebrate the entire clan with photos of all the kids, plus as many generations as you can pull together.

"Modern Collage" Modern Collage"Blue Triptych" Father's Day Card

Don’t forget Grampa! While your focus is likely to be on celebrating your own father, don’t forget who started it all – grandpa! Celebrate the patriarch with a special card created just for him.

"Grandpa Classic" Father's Day Card"Dotted Pinstripes" Father's Day Card "Best Bear Hugs" Father's Day Card

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Father’s Day!

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