5 Tips for Planning a Family Calendar Photo Shoot!

Calendar Photo Shoot

Personalized Family Calendar Photo Shoot Tips.

The best part about creating a custom photo calendar is that you have complete control over what goes onto each page. While scouring your hard drive for just the right pictures is an option, why not mix it up and plan a fun calendar photo shoot instead? Who knows, this may even become a family tradition! Setting up a home photo shoot for your yearly calendar doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just follow our quick tips to help simplify and organize the project.

Tip #1: Plan ahead.

Before you send out notice about your calendar shoot, do some pre-planning. Put together a list of themes you want to capture for each month: January might be a winter theme, while June may encapsulate all things summer. Next, brainstorm outfits, props and locations – although changing locations is completely optional! The example photo shoot below took place in a single room with a large white sheet as the background. The various props used during the shoot helped make the photos stand out, eliminating the need for different backgrounds or locations for each month. Remember, different backdrops can provide the change of setting you desire, without having to move the entire family to a new location. Don’t forget to list different poses you’d like to try out as well! Check out this particular pin for a group photo posing cheat sheet! Need some photo idea inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board entitled “Smile! This One’s for the Mixbook!”.

Tip #2: Gather your materials.

Using the list made from your planning sheet, start gathering the items you will need. Place everything in a plastic bin or box and check off the items as you collect them. This will ensure you’ve got all the props, costumes and any other materials and equipment needed for your shoot. Having a tripod and remote shooter for your camera may come in handy during the photo shoot. If you’re using a backdrop, don’t forget that you’ll need a way to put the sheet up! Use thumbtacks/pushpins, or drape the sheet over a curtain rod.

Use a green theme in March for St. Patrick's day!

Green Theme

Tip #3: Get organized.

On the day of the shoot, sort all outfits and props into monthly piles. This will minimize chaos by directing everyone to the proper area to collect his or her outfit and/or prop. This will also help to ensure that a jack-o-lantern doesn’t appear in your February shot (unless, of course, that’s what you wanted!).

Tip #4: Complete the shoot.

Time for you to direct! Photo shoots can make people feel awkward, so do not be afraid to take the reigns! Embrace your inner director and start instructing individuals on how to pose. Remember to stay flexible! Some poses may not come out the way you want, so be open to change and suggestions. Take multiple shots of each pose to ensure you get at least one great shot.

If your camera can take multiple photos in one shot, utilize that setting. If any friends owe you favors, cash in and ask them to help out! Having the extra hand to hit the shutter button a few times will prove to be very beneficial. There's nothing worse than missing the shot by a second because you didn't run fast enough to get into the photo!

January's theme is winter and cold weather! Remember, you can jazz up the photo in the Mixbook editor! Use appropriate stickers to further convey the theme.

Winter Weather

Tip #5: Review and choose your photos.

Make sure to download and review all the photos on to your computer. Seeing the photos on the larger monitor will allow you to catch any flaws a smaller display might hide. This includes closed eyes, covered faces and family members who were not quite ready for the shot. Choose the best photo(s) from each month and get started on your Mixbook calendar.


**Insider Tip: Don't forget that the back cover of your calendar is completely customizable! Did you capture any hilarious candids or outtakes during the photo shoot? Include them at the end to remind everyone of how much fun the day had been.

Set up a table to represent Thanksgiving dinner for November!

Thanksgiving Themed

All that’s left now is to upload your photos into your Mixbook project! Need a quick tutorial on how to make your own calendar with Mixbook? Hop on over to this blog entry for more ideas for creating a custom calendar.

to find out how! Make sure to browse our themes to find the one that best suits your calendar's photo shoot feel. If you're feeling creative, start with a blank calendar and design to your heart's content. If you've got personal experience in calendar photo shoots, please let us know of any tips we may have missed in the comments below! Good luck with your photo shoot!

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