3 Unique Ideas for Custom Father’s Day Note Cards

Dads are dudes, it’s true, but here’s the deal: as much as they may tease women for their precious preservation of etiquette, dudes have to have social graces too. But they do it differently than women. The perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day may just be an acknowledgement once and for all that he communicates differently. My husband regularly pilfers my stationery stash looking for a manly thank-you card – or a simple note card that he can use to dash off a perfectly put sentiment in a minimalist manner typical of men of his set: professional, considerate, authentic – maybe even slightly “metro” – but still in keeping with “dude’s dude” protocol. Why not just get him his own stash. Manly note cards made to convey manly thoughts.

"Wayfarers" Custom Father's Day Cards

Man-of-Industry Cards, a.k.a. Stationery for Dudes No matter what kind of work he does, there will be times he needs dude-tionery: stationery for guys. Whether it’s a handwritten follow-up for a job interview or a personal thank-you note to his mom, a guy’s got to put pen to paper now and then. Choose a note card style that’s crisp and clean with a strong color palette. Design motifs can pay homage to a hobby or interest like sailing or the outdoors. Remind him that a man who makes the extra effort to foster personal relationships will not only be happier in his work, he’ll likely be more successful. He’ll tell you his new-won promotion is because of his impeccable presentation skills and ability to land deals, but you’ll know it’s the note cards.

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Manly Thank-You Cards Big thank-yous are even better coming from a man of few words. Create a custom thank-you card just for him. Mixbook’s Ready to Ride thank-you card sums it up in a simple typewriter font punctuated with a confident period at the end. It’s the perfect card for a man who knows what he likes and says it like it is.

Father’s Day Note Cards

And for the dude who’s super proud of his facial hair, there’s the campy Mustache Gratitude thank-you card. He’ll finally have his own stationery ‘stache!

Father's Day Note Cards

From the Desk of Superdad And if you’re convinced your dad is a superhero in disguise, go ahead and create some stationery for his alter ego. He may laugh when he gets it, but then you’ll notice the pile of note cards steadily disappearing…always right around the time some sort of heroic act is undertaken. And, well, you’ll know.

"It's Electric" Father's Day Note Cards

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Superdad Day!

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