3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Wedding Response Card

We’ve rolled out a bunch of new RSVP themes and showed you how to create your own custom RSVPs, so what else could there be? Taking your RSVP to the next level and creating something even more meaningful for your big day! Unfortunately, the reality is that every single person you invite to your wedding will not be able to make it… but does that mean they can’t participate either? In this post, we are going to explore turning your response cards into more than just a plain ol’ RSVP. With Mixbook’s customizablitiy options, we will turn our RSVP cards into various note cards, allowing all invitees to, at the very least, send you a note – which can then be scanned and uploaded into your wedding Mixbook! They’ll have to mail back the RSVP either way, right? So why not get the most out of this little card?

Let's take a look at our Modern Photo response card:

Modern Photo wedding response cardIt’s a simple, elegant card that will provide all the information you need to complete your guest list and menu for the reception. However, if you take a look at the back of the card, it’s completely blank. Instead of leaving it this way, we’re going to take advantage of this blank real estate and turn our RSVP into a dual note card. Whether or not the invitee is able to attend, they can write the couple a heartfelt note!

Simple Note wedding response CardTo recreate this layout, first retrieve the sticker of lines for your guests to write on. You can follow the steps in our custom guestbook blog entry to do this. Next, use the circle shape stickers to create the two circles in opposing corners. You can also copy and paste the sticker from the front of the card onto the back. Lastly, add text into the circles, and choose the perfect photo. The back of your RSVP is all set!

Our second example uses our Bracketed Typography theme. Again, we are going to take advantage of the blank space on the back of our card. This time, instead of a note, we will be asking invitees to sugget the top three things to do as newlyweds. Giving guests a category can really make them think and spark their imaginations!

Top 3 Activities wedding response card ideaTo recreate this layout, take a look at our entry on turning lists into beautiful layouts.

Our last example will come from our Golden Grains theme. This response card has a design on the back, but with a few alterations, we’re going to turn the back of our card into a recipe card for the couple who loves to cook.

Recipe Card wedding response card ideaWe’ve removed the textured background and moved the ribbon and embellishment up to create a space for our title. Again, we used our guestbook sticker of lines and added the necessary text to turn the back of our card into a recipe card.

Now that we’ve got the creative juices flowing, how are you planning on altering the back of your RSVP?

If you have yet to work on your wedding invitations, take a look at our earlier post showing you other ways to customize our wedding invites! For more wedding inspiration, check out all our wedding related blog posts!

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