Behind the Scenes at Mixbook's Valentine Card Exchange

Here at Mixbook, we not only share the love with our customers, but we also extend the sentiment to our whole team! This past Valentine’s Day, your Customer Care Team (with special guest appearances from Mixbook team members from other departments) celebrated the holiday by turning the clock back—way back to our elementary school days. love

Just like we used to in third grade, each customer care representative created a valentine mailbox to set out on their desk, in hopes that it would be filled with lots of love-filled notes on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Mailbox Materials

Valentine Bag - MelodyMelody, our Customer Care Director, working on her Valentine's Bag

Valentine Box - DyrelhDyrelh, one of our Reprint Specialists, adding some embellishments on his mailbox

Here's a look at some of the finished valentine mailboxes. Aren't they beautiful?

Valentine Mailbox - Nisat

Valentine Mailbox - Brianna

Valentine Mailbox - Liz

We even had some of Cupid’s helpers running around the office, assisting us in making the perfect Valentine Mailboxes.

Cupid’s Helper

Cupid's Older HelperInspired by our little helper, Kyle, another of our Reprint Specialists, decided to give the rest of us a hand as well!

Instead of running to our local convenience store for some pre-made valentines, we decided to tap into our creativity and create our own Valentine's Day cards, using non other than the Mixbook editor itself! With help from templates and other themes, each customer care representative was able to create a customized valentine that was uniquely theirs. One of our favorites happens to be a card made by one of our chat representatives, Veronica.

Mixbook Office Valentine

Mixbook Office Valentine Back

Her card was created using a Blank Canvas, utilizing the hundreds of different stickers Mixbook has to offer!

The day was filled with excitement as we relived our childhood days of walking to each mailbox and dropping customized valentines into personalized mailboxes.  Anticipation in the office grew as we waited to open and sort through our valentines, anxious to see which photos would be featured on each card.

The time to open our cards finally came and smiles could be seen from miles away. Our Valentine Exchange was definitely a success. And who knows—maybe an annual tradition was born!

Cards Polaroid

Mixbook Valentine Cards

Jasmine Cards Polaroid

Take a look at all the customized valentines created for the exchange!

Mixbook Valentine Gallery

This background was taken from the My Valentine photo book theme and the #16 and #12 photo layouts from the Layout Tab were utilized to create this page.

Did you have a Happy Valentine's Day?

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