Make Your Mixbook Invitations Even More Beautiful with Embellishments

One of the great things about Mixbook cards and invitations is their affordability. You can enjoy great design, custom messages, precision printing and high-quality paper for an incredibly reasonable price. But there are some simple and creative ways to take the look to the next level of personalization with a little DIY embellishment.

Here are a few ideas for using inexpensive craft supplies to add an extra-special touch to your custom invitation.

DIY Embellishments

DIY EmbellishmentsSimilar gray twine can be found at your local craft store or on Etsy

For a handcrafted appearance, use colorful twisted twine to tie up each invitation before placing in the envelope. We chose pink-and-gray twine to complement the color palette of Mixbook’s Two Hearts invitation, adding coordinating die-cut hearts as decorative tags to further enhance the design. It’s a trick that would look great on almost any Mixbook card or invitation. We love the idea of using red-and-white twisted twine wrapped around Mixbook’s Chevron Wedding invitation or a strand of raffia tied around Mixbook’s Seychelles invitation.

For a subtle way to add a little shine to a simple, elegant composition of black and white, use a small dot of glue to add a tiny rhinestone to the center of a flourish as we did on Mixbook’s Black Vintage Frame invitation.

DIY Embellishments DIY EmbellishmentsSimilar rhinestones at Joann's Fabric and Craft Stores

Tiny faux pearls would look lovely dotting the flourishes of the Swirl Accents or the Sophisticated Lace wedding invitations. And a pretty stretch of grosgrain ribbon secured around the top would add some nice texture and color to Mixbook’s Kraft Wedding invitation.

Embellishments"Flat White Faux Pearls from Etsy"

Shimmer dots or adhesive stones would beautifully accent many of Mixbook’s invitations, like the center of flowers on the Rose Buds invitation or the middle of the snowflakes on the Falling Flakes invitation.

Another idea for adding an industrious touch is to clip a hand-drawn map or response card to the main invitation – Mixbook’s Kraft Wedding or Rustic Wedding invitations would be ideal options. Use a spiral paperclip or another theme-appropriate novelty shaped paperclip.

NOTE: For invitations with added embellishments, make sure you deliver them in person to the post office, requesting hand-cancelling to protect the more delicate nature of the contents. You’ll also want to double check with your local postman to see if you need to add a few cents to postage for the oddly shaped envelope.

Happy Mixbooking! Embellish away!

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