DIY Galaxy Ornaments

DIY Galaxy Ornaments

DIY Galaxy Ornaments Who's ready for a 5 minute craft that the kids will love? If you have little ones who are obsessed with everything celestial or scientific, making their own galaxy is going to be awesome!

We were inspired by our new Galaxy Watercolor wedding invitations. Beautiful whimsical purples, blues, and pinks sprinkled with glitter will get you lost in another world of imagination.

galaxy watercolor


Clear plastic ornaments or any container of your choice

Cotton balls

Food dye 2-3 colors




DIY Galaxy ornament supplies

Step 1

This is a layering game so every step is going to be small additions of ingredients. Start with water and add two drops of your first color.

DIY galaxy ornament step 1

Step 2

Insert enough cotton balls to fill the layer. We inserted 4-5 for this size.

DIY Galaxy ornaments step 2

Step 3

Grab your second color and add 2-3 drops over the cotton balls. Try to get the drops to land in the middle and sides so the color can spread out.

DIY galaxy ornaments step 3

Step 4

Add your glitter.

DIY galaxy ornaments step 4

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 and keep layering your ingredients.

DIY galaxy ornaments step 5

We suggest gluing the top on to avoid unwanted spills.

DIY galaxy ornaments

Enjoy your new mini galaxy! Play around with different containers for a fun desktop galaxy or home decor addition.












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