DIY Holiday Paper Ornaments

If you and your kids are starting to get into the holiday spirit, you’re in good company. There are tons of ideas out there for ways to celebrate the holidays—one of which is by creating your own decorations! Those indoor winter days can be long, so give the kids a project that will keep them busy, fill them with satisfaction and give them some holiday cheer. We’re making it easy for you and your kids to make adorable ornaments, and all you need are scissors, ribbon or string, paper and a glue stick. Each of these three ornaments can be created in just a few easy steps.

Holiday Ornaments

Let’s start with the dove. For this one, we have a printable template that will guide you through. Start by cutting out the dove in the Dove Ornament Template. You’ll see the body shape, wings and additional feathers.

DoveTemplateDepending on how you or your kids prefer to decorate, you can color in the parts either before you cut or afterwards. Be creative! Use markers, glitter, wrapping paper, stickers or anything else you would like to decorate using colors, themes or simply your imagination. Once the decorating is done and the pieces are cut, simply cut a slit in the dove and fan out the wings and feathers. Then, attach a pretty ribbon to the top and it’s ready to hang!

Another fun ornament is a simple, pretty design that you could do in lots of different ways. One thing that would make this a really fun, eye-catching ornament is to use metallic paper. You could use any combination of metallic colors that suit your fancy, and it’s as easy as cutting a few strips and pasting them together on both ends.

Holiday Ornaments

Finally, if your tastes tend toward the classic designs, you can try this ball-based ornament. Again, you can color each circle however you like. Use metallic paper, markers, ribbons or scraps, or anything else you have around the house. For this ornament, it helps to use a glass or other round object as a tracing tool so that you know you’re cutting perfect circles. You could decorate each circle the same, or mix and match colors and textures. Regardless, you can hang these gems on the tree, around the house, on doorknobs, or anyplace that needs a little extra holiday spark!

Ornament Supplies Remember, in addition to making ornaments for your own decorations, they also make great gifts! A huge part of the holiday season is giving to others, and gifts need not be expensive. A gift from the heart—one that you or your children made with the recipient in mind—is the best gift of all. They can be simple and sweet or fancy and eye-catching. Regardless of how you create your ornaments, they are sure to add some holiday cheer to any room or household.

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