Easy Appetizers and Drinks for Your Holiday Party

Easy Appetizers and Drinks for Your Holiday Party


The weather is getting colder and the lines at the mall are longer. It must be getting close to Christmas! If you're hosting a holiday party this year, Mixbook is here to inspire your festive celebration. From the appetizers to the libations, there's a lot to get done. Let's make this easy!

The Apps

Get the party started the delicious way with the easiest appetizers. Keep them simple and try to elevate traditional plates--but don't go too crazy on the apps,  you want to satisfy your guests, not stuff them. Finger foods are the go-to for most social functions. Stick to bite-sized dishes with a lot of flavor.

Cheese Balls!

Everyone loves a good cheese ball. Crackers, creamy cheese, spices...what's not to love? Have some fun with your cheese balls by adding almonds to resemble winter pinecones. This idea is pretty clever and sure to get rave reviews! You may also roll your balls in dried cranberries, pistachios, or crushed candied pecans.


Antipasto Wreath

So easy and a party staple, make the most our of your olive and cheese spread by arranging them on beds of rosemary. Who said wreaths are just for doorways, right?

olive appetizer wreath


Turkey Pinwheel Christmas Tree

The kids love mini wraps like pinwheels. Opting for a spinach tortilla will make these snacks not only colorful, but healthier than your traditional wrap.

christmas pinwheel sandwiches


Bacon-wrapped Tater Tots

'Tis the season of comfort foods after all! Roll the cafeteria classic tater tots in bacon for a grown-up version of your new favorite poppable appetizer. Dangerously addicting!

bacon tater tots holiday appetizer


The Drinks

With guests that can range from children to grandparents, you're going to need a selection of refreshments that everyone can partake in. Especially when alcohol is present, it's a smart idea to have water readily available before your tipsy uncle starts any shenanigans.

Shirley Tis-the-Season Temples

Christmas wouldn't be festive without a big splash of red. A non-alcoholic Shirley Temple with a cranberry floating garnish will parch anyone's thirst. Mix your favorite lemon-lime soda and cranberry juice for this sparking treat.



Cranberry Margaritas

Keep the red theme going with this adult beverage. The green from the lime garnish and dark red hues of the cranberries will make you feel like it's spring break in December! Not everyone enjoys ciders and wine, so be prepared to have a hard liquor option at your holiday party.

cranberry margaritas mixbook


Hot Spiced Wine

Baby, it's cold outside so let's sip something cozy. A spiced mulled wine will not only make your home smell amazing, but can make great use of your slow cooker. Spiced wine can easily be made on the stove, but I also love making it in a slow cooker, especially for parties. The slow cooker keeps the stovetop free, the spiced wine warm, and is easy for guests to access for refills. Inexpensive or even boxed wine works great for this.



Grinch Punch

You'll be the host who stole tastebuds with this refreshing non-alcoholic punch. Everyone loves the classic story/movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" so you know this will be a hit with all ages. If you're really extra naughty, spike your punch with vodka. Just make sure the kids know, this isn't their usual Dr. Seuss adventure.  Get the recipe here.

grinch punch mixbook holiday


You don't have to get festive in every aspect of your holiday party. It's ok to save a six pack of your dad's favorite American ale in the refrigerator or a couple liters of soda. The main consideration is to ensure everyone can enjoy the party and not feel left out or pressured to drink alcohol.

Now that you have some great appetizer and beverage options, you should plan the rest of your gathering. Visit our holiday party trends and ideas blog post for more inspiration this Christmas season. Don't put too much pressure on your gathering. Everyone will be grateful to you for opening your home to celebrate the season. As the famous socialite C.Z. Guest said, "The most important thing to do is enjoy yourself and have a good time." We at Mixbook raise a glass and cheers to you and your loved ones!

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