Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

If you’re a costume procrastinator like I am, you’ve been accustomed to tackling quick and easy DIY Halloween costumes. Costumes that you create yourself not only save you tons of money but also let your creativity and crafty side flow. Don’t get stuck wearing a $70 store-bought outfit that doesn’t even fit you. Here are our favorite DIY costumes you can create this holiday!

For the ladies

Rosie the Riveter

mixbook diy costume Rosie Riveter

Iconic and kick-butt, Rosie is a super easy costume consisting of a denim shirt, jeans, and a red bandana.

Carmen Sandiego

mixbook diy costume Carmen Sandiego

Millennials will love this throwback to the infamous thief. Grab a red coat, black pants, and a yellow ribbon around a red hat and you’ll be ready to travel the globe.

Fortune Teller

mixbook diy costume Fortune Teller

Layer on various fabric, load up on some vintage rings and bracelets, and you’ll be ready to tell anyone’s fortune!

Greek Goddess

mixbook diy costume Greek Goddess

You can make a toga out of a simple bed sheet. Remember those toga parties in college? Wear some gold jewelry and tie a gold rope around your waist to keep your toga form-fitted.


mixbook diy costume Scarecrow

Scarecrows are a great classic costume. All you need is a plaid shirt, a summery straw hat and easy make-up stitches.

For the gentlemen

Christian Grey/Fifty Shade of Grey

mixbook diy costume Fifty Shades Grey

The ladies will love this clever play on the hit novel/movie. Just visit your local home improvement store for some various shades of grey.

Tyler Durden from Fight Club

mixbook diy costume Tyler Durden From Fight Club

Another cult-classic adaptation, Tyler Durden requires a Hawaiian shirt, a burgundy leather (or pleather) jacket, and a pair of aviator glasses. Fight on!

Clark Kent

mixbook diy costume clark kent

Talk about super-easy! The Clark Kent consists of a Superman t-shirt under black pants, white dress shirt, an optional blazer, and thick black framed glasses.


mixbook diy costume waldo

Now you could pair this one with Carmen Sandiego and be the sneakiest couple at the party! Waldo travels light. A striped shirt and beanie with jeans and some glasses is all you need.

Marty McFly

mixbook diy costume marty mcfly

Go back to the future with Marty’s easy ensemble. A denim jacket, jeans, button-up shirt, and red vest will transform you into the time-traveling classic character.

For the little ones

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

mixbook diy costume tmnt shell mask costume craft

A painted foil baking tray makes a great shell! Everything else requires a bit of felt and you’re set for a night of crime-fighting and eating pizza.

Carl from Up!

mixbook diy costume carl up disney

This has got to be the most adorable baby Carl costume ever! Dress your little one like a grandpa, attach colorful balloons to his cardigan, and you can even make a walker out of PVC pipes!

Olaf from Frozen

mixbook diy costume olaf frozen

Do you want to build a snowman? If your son or daughter still has Frozen fever, this no-sew costume of the snowman Olaf is perfect. A white hoodie with glued on character details brings this snowman to life.


mixbook diy costume sushi

Grab a white onesie, wrap it in a black cloth and inset a pillow case stuffed with cotton balls and designed with white tape into the back. It is so cute that you’ll want to eat your baby right up!

We loved this sushi costume so much, our very own designer Debbie, made it her way! All she did was wrap a small pillow with a t-shirt, glued white felt stripes end-to-end, and tied it around her waist with a black scarf.

mixbook sushi costume diy halloween mixbook sushi costume diy halloween craft

It's holiday memories like these that are photo book worthy. Publish your crafty costume successes in one of our halloween photo books this year.

We’d love to see what you have planned for Halloween this year. Share some of your create spooky and fun projects with us! Happy Halloween!

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