Engagement Announcements Etiquette and Guide

Engagement Announcements Etiquette and Guide

There may be nothing more exciting than sharing the news of your engagement. It’s the first day of the rest of your happily-ever-after life – and the hard work of planning has barely started. Revel in the unfettered joy and send an announcement that captures your unique state of bliss. There’s no need to send an announcement that aligns with your overall wedding theme or color scheme – just scroll through Mixbook’s many designs and choose one that resonates with the two of you as a couple.

What do I include in my engagement announcements?

Include Key Details

There can be a lot of confusion around the proper protocol for engagement announcement wording, but there’s simply nothing to worry about in regards to sending a save-the-date announcement. There will be plenty of formality surrounding your big day, so we advise you to keep this initial engagement announcement casual. The most important thing to keep in mind is this: you want the spirit of your relationship to come through in the card. If you and your fiancé or fiancée have a lighthearted, playful relationship, let that show in your announcement. If you and your betrothed are tender and caring, let that sweetness come across. If the two of you love to spend time in nature – include a photograph of you in the mountains or by the beach. The only other bits of important information are the date itself and a general location. It’s a great idea to start evangelizing the actual date and place so that guests can put it on their calendar in permanent ink – and start making travel plans. It is acceptable to send out an engagement announcement that includes the month of the wedding and the name of the town where the event will take place, but it’s generally far more helpful to nail down the exact date – early June or late June can have far different implications for a family trying to make a plan.

Make sure to include:

  • A date that is specific as possible

  • Location

What do I write in my engagement announcements?

Wording Tips

To choose wording, simply select a Mixbook engagement announcement that you like, then follow the prescribed wording. You can, of course, always override the engagement announcement wording you find on any template. If, for example, “We’re getting hitched” is just a touch too casual, you can replace that text with something more formal along the lines of: Mr. and Mrs. Sweeney announce the engagement of their daughter Theresa Sweeney to Joe Smith. But we say, save that stuffy language for the more public announcement in the local newspaper – and use your engagement announcement, which is intended for close friends and family members, for a more lighthearted correspondence.

Share Your News!

Some of Mixbook’s latest custom engagement announcement designs reflect current trends and come off as fresh, modern and fun – a little like you two! Here are a few of our favorites. . .

Whichever engagement announcement you choose, you have a lot to celebrate! Congratulations!

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