Fun with Mixbook’s Fall Collection of Photo Books and Cards

There’s a lot to love about Fall. Take advantage of your natural inclination to turn inward and focus on your loved ones by creating a photo book that’s all about autumn adventures. To get started, just get outside with the people you love and a camera. Then play around with the natural treasure all around you. Here are some ideas to get you started: Autumn PortraitBEAUTY In a book about autumn, you’ll want to feature lots of natural beauty. Here are some ideas taking creative shots of what’s just asking to be photographed this time of year.

Fall Photo Ideas

Gather colorful fallen leaves, then form them into the shape of a heart. For extra credit, play with color gradients in the leaves to create an ombré effect. Take a photo of your creation with people in the pic ­– or as a stand-alone shot to add beauty to the pages of your photo book.

If your pumpkin-carving tools are still out from Halloween, carve a meaningful word into a beautiful gourd. Take a pic of friends or family members holding your creation, or take a close-up to use as an editorial shot.

Fall Photo Ideas

Create a colorful leaf bouquet – or a whole series of leaf bouquets – for everyone to hold in a group photo. Or take a close-up of your creation to add color to your pages.

Take a close-up of hands holding pinecones or any other beautiful natural treasures you find in the autumn woods.

Fall Photo Idea

Take a close-up of leaves floating on water. You can even use a photo like this to act as the backdrop to a whole page of other family photos using your Mixbook editor.

Use an X-Acto knife to cut a letter out of the center of a leaf, then line up several leaves to spell a word.

MOTION “Fall,” after all, is a verb. So be sure to capture the action of the season. Here’s how to fake it.

Fall Photo Ideas

Have someone drop leaves from above (they can climb a tree or stand on a balcony) and take a photo that captures the motion of the leaves falling.

Fall Leaves

Hold some colorful leaves in your hands then blow – have someone snap a photo that captures the leaves taking flight.

Fall Photo Ideas

Fill a hat with leaves, put it on your head, then lift that hat and take a picture that captures the motion.


Fall Photo Ideas Go apple picking and take photos of kids holding bushels of apples in baskets or in shirts folded in front of them.

Pose atop picturesque hay bales.

Take a photograph of many feet in cute socks getting toasty by the fire.

Once you’ve taken your Fall photos, upload them into one of Mixbook’s Fall photo albums: Shades of Autumn, or Autumn Memories.

autumn memories

Autumn Photo Book




Or use the Seasons of Love template to create a book that celebrates the season-specific fun you share all year long.

seasons of love mixbook


And, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that once you have all this great fun with autumn photography, you might just find yourself in possession of the perfect family photo to use for your holiday card. Some of our rustic favorites – perfect for framing your autumn adventures – are Mixbook’s Full Photo Typography, Chalkboard Foliage, and Winter Greeting. holiday photo card mixbook full photo typography

holiday photo card mixbook chalkboard foliage

holiday photo card mixbook winter greetings


Enjoy Fall! Happy Mixbooking!

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