Fan of the Month: Peggy Cho

May Fan of the Month Meet Mixbooker Peggy, our Fan of the Month for May! Peggy is a world class traveler who enjoys preserving her memories of adventure with personalized photo books. Her latest Mixbook documents her trip to Vietnam and Thailand she took this past March! Let's go behind the scenes to learn more about her recent travel books:

Mixbook: What inspired you to start online scrapbooking? Peggy: I’ve always admired other people’s photo books and decided to try one for myself. I reviewed all the different photo book websites for what they had to offer for creativeness and Mixbook seemed to have the most to offer. Once I got started I discovered SO MUCH MORE that I could do to make my books ‘special’.

M: What has been your favorite project so far? Can you tell us a little bit about the process? P: I have two favorite projects:  "China Trip" and "Vietnam/Thailand Trip".

Fan of the Month

The Vietnam/Thailand book was much easier for me since I’ve become more familiar with all the functionality of the Mixbook program. In the first book I uploaded ‘too many’ photos and it was overwhelming to work with. When creating my second favorite book I did photo screening first and copied just the interesting photos into a separate folder and uploaded just these. I decided how many photos to be used on a particular page then used the ‘layouts’ option to choose which format would suit the photo/text that I wanted. I also decided beforehand which photos were important enough to be ‘giant’ two page spreads.

Fan of the Month

M: Can you share with us about some of your recent travels? P: The two Asia trips were unforgettable. One other memorable trip was to Disneyland because it was with my Daughter Coleen, her husband Mike and our two  grandsons Derek and Ian. I ‘HAD TO’ create a Mixbook about the wonderful time we had with them... truly a ‘special’ moment in time.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 5.38.33 PM

M: Any tips for users? P: Just make sure you include everything you would like to reflect back on... especially those ‘funny moments’ that make your book more interesting. Suit the layout to each page and vary the pages for interest and don’t forget to use some ‘Stickers’ ...these add even more pizazz. Happy ‘Mixbooking’ … have a blast !!!  What a treasure you will have when you are done.

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