All About the First Trimester of Pregnancy

All About the First Trimester of Pregnancy

First Trimester Guide

Whether it is a complete surprise or something you have been planning for a while, welcoming a new life into the world is an incredible journey. Congratulations from all of us at Mixbook. We look forward to helping you capture some amazing memories along the way.

Tips for Your First Trimester and Early Stages of Pregnancy

Now that the initial excitement/shock has worn off, you have researched everything baby related on the internet and probably even purchased your first maternity outfit, it is time to focus on what is most important, your health! You are growing a little human inside you after all.

During the first trimester your body is going through some major changes as your baby begins to develop. You may not look pregnant yet, and the baby is only around the size of a grain of rice after the first month, but you will be feeling it. It is very common to feel tired. Try to get lots of rest. Go to bed early and put your feet up whenever possible to avoid those dreaded swollen ankles. It’s a good time to hand over some of the household chores to your partner or if possible hire someone to help out around the house.

You may also have bouts of nausea or cravings for some weird food combinations! Make sure to snap a photo of you eating those pickle and peanut butter sandwiches or other foods you crave. They will make for some great photo book pages for your kids to laugh at when they are older.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas and Projects

Now is a good time to start planning your pregnancy photo projects. Our My Pregnancy book is a great starting point to capture those major milestones throughout the next nine months. One photo you will want to make sure you take is the famous “belly bump”. Taking week by week pregnancy pictures of your belly every month for your entire pregnancy allows you to see a time-lapse progression of your creation.

It’s a good idea to take the photo in bright but indirect sunlight to enhance your natural glow. Try to pick a spot that is free of clutter, remember you want to be the focus of the image, and use the same spot for every photo if possible. You will want to wear clothes that shows off your bump like a plain stretchy shirt. You can also opt for the tasteful bare belly option!

One really fun pregnancy photo shoot idea is to take a photo of your belly with a piece of fruit or a vegetable that weighs what the baby would weigh at that time, and place them side by side.

If this is not your first child, it is fun for the new babies siblings to get to take part in the action. It can help them feel connected to the baby before it arrives and makes for some completely adorable photos.

Time for the Pregnancy Announcement

While it is fine to share your good news with family and friends whenever you want, most people wait until the end of the first trimester. Have fun and get creative with this. One pregnancy photo card announcement idea would be to ask your family to come over and pose them all for a family photo. Just before you snap the picture, tell them there is a new family member coming soon. Capturing their reaction to the great news is classic and makes for an awesome page in your pregnancy journal!

There are lots of great photo opportunities you can use to share your news with everyone. Take a photo of you and your partner's feet and include a tiny pair of shoes for your new addition. You can even include your furbaby in this picture.

Have a friend take a photo of you against a plain wall and add some creative text.

Use the timer on your camera to take a photo of you and your family sitting on the oven baking a bun.

Don’t forget to send whatever fun photo you choose to make your special announcement to Mixbook to bring those photos to life. We turn your digital photos into prints in minutes, giving you lots of copies to hand out to all those special people in your life.

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