Smashing Ideas for New Year’s Party Invitations

After the chaos and excess of the holidays, there’s really only one way to bring some closure to the season: with a fabulous bash, of course! Whether you’re going chic and a touch swanky, cozy and a slightly sloppy, kid-friendly and a few hours early – or even if you opt for brunch the next day – there’s a perfect Mixbook New Year’s party invitation you can customize for your occasion. Here are a few ideas, plus the invites to match.

Trends and Ideas for NYE Party Invitations

Chic & Swanky There’s nothing more fun than getting decked out for a classic New Year’s celebration, with the women wearing silver and sequins and the men in crisp white and blackest black. Create a vintage theme for your party, borrowing a page from the speakeasies of the 1920s. Stick with bubbly, claiming it’s contraband, or go with a more prohibition-inspired Scofflaw. Mixbook’s NYE invitation borrows its inspiration from the classic typographic broadsides of the era. Invite friends to come wearing period costumes from fascinators and boas to top hats and suspenders.

Vintage Chic Invite

Cozy & Sloppy Sometimes you just want to watch the ball drop with your besties and sing Auld Lang Syne at the top of your voice. Here’s a party that’s simple to host: have champagne and beer on ice, and set out comforting snacks like warm artichoke dip and sliced baguette. Print copies of the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne for the apex of the party just after midnight when friends sing the classic song – more commonly known as “…should old acquaintance be forgot…” – arm in arm. Wikipedia also has a wonderfully helpful version in the original Scots – with a pronunciation guide to match! So if you want to get completely raucous and silly, sing with a little Old-Country accent.

When the crooning comes to a close, invite friends to make some sloppy toasts. For guests not up for an impromptu mini-speech, have some classics – the funnier the better – pre-printed on strips of curled paper.

Ball Drop Invite

Kid-Friendly & Hours Early If you’re hosting a New Year’s party for kids, you might have to change the clocks to trick them into thinking it’s midnight. Decorate the party area by collecting every single re-set clock in the house and surrounding them with garlands and confetti. Set out trays of noisemakers, party blowers, party hats, tiaras and feather boas so the kids can reach for whatever makes them feel most festive. Tune your television into a time zone a few hours ahead and let the count down begin! And if you can get your hands on some fireworks, it’s fun to head outside after the ball drops for a little light show. Let the kids twirl some sparkers and throw down some good old-fashioned Bang Snaps. Whether or not you follow with a dance party featuring the songs of The Black Eyed Peas is your call, but kids will come ready to party with a fun Mixbook photo invitation like one of these customized to your unique celebration.

Neon New Year's Invite
New Year's Star Invite
Say Hello to 2013

Bleary-Eyed & Brunchy Speaking of black eyed peas, there’s no better way to ensure luck for an entire year than by eating those funny little black-and-white legumes (symbolic of humility) with some pork (symbolic of progress), and cabbage or collard greens (symbolic of prosperity) on 1/1. Host a New Year’s Day brunch that hits the spot for everyone from bright-eyed children to bleary-eyed adults. Serve up the traditional menu and invite everyone to share their resolutions – it’s especially fun to hear what the kids come up with! Mixbook’s Say Hello card is perfect for your New Year’s Day brunch invitation.

Happy Mixbooking! Happy New Year’s!

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