Friday DIY: How to Make Chevron Work for You

The simple chevron stripe is kind of like your coolest friend—just as at home tucked into a corner of a bohemian dive bar as rocking the luxe lounge of a boutique hotel. With bold graphic lines, classic appeal, a little irreverent edge, surprising sweet side, and comfort with color, chevron has everything going for it. Since it’s Friday, A.K.A. DIY day here on Mixblog, we rounded up four ways you can show a little love for the big bold stripe this weekend by making chevron work for you.

4 DIY chevron ideas

 "Simple Geometrics" wedding invitation, chevron ceiling fan blades, chevron serving tray, chevron shoebox wall art

1. Say “I Do” to Chevron Easy going and versatile? Yes, please! Can we write that into our vows? Even if your guests never take the time to deconstruct the meaning of the chevron pattern on your wedding invitations, the message has been sent regardless. As a couple, you’re modern, relaxed, and ready for every turn in the road that lies ahead. Make chevron a symbol of your relationship by customizing Mixbook’s perfectly chevron-striped wedding invitation!

2. Serve Up Stripes The angular stripes of the almighty chevron have a way of anchoring the style of your entire room—even when they’re present in the smallest gestures. Make a chevron-wrapped serving tray by covering a rimmed baking sheet with chevron-printed fabric. Even if said tray has the lowly task of organizing books on a bedside table or corralling bureau-top baubles, it will steal the show on the style front. Martha Stewart has the final word on how to make this minimum-effort tray with maximum cool.

3. Canvas the Walls Striking wall art is easy to create with nothing more than a few shoe box tops, some painters’ tape, and spray paint. Depending on the price tag of the shoes that came in the original box, this may just be the most budget-friendly big-statement DIY project ever. The stripes themselves make you look twice and the whimsical palette will dare you to smile. Spunky Junky shows us how to make chevron wall art. Using whatever colors you fancy, know that chevron will take your style for a ride—on the cheap!

4. Cool Off If there’s a country-kitchen style fan hanging from a ceiling in your home, it may be time to cut the cute factor by adding some striking chevron stripes to its blades. Design Sponge gives us the low-down on how to make chevron fan blades. Not only will you up the style of your standard ceiling fan, but your room will instantly be a few degrees cooler without ever flipping the switch.

Find even more chevron inspiration on our "Everything Chevron" Pinterest board! Did you try any of our weekend DIY photo project ideas from last Friday?

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