Friday DIY Idea: 5 Ways to Get Crafty with Silhouettes

Silhouette art seems to be everywhere right now! Not only do we love silhouette art because it’s a nostalgic nod to times before cameras, but we also appreciate the diversity silhouette art offers—there are just so many ways to create DIY masterpieces with this simple technique. We thought we’d jump on board with this DIY trend by rounding up five of our favorite silhouette craft ideas. Here are the top five ways you can get crafty with silhouettes right now. diy silhouette ideas

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1. Jazz Up Mason Jars Lauren Elise Crafted loves how timeless mason jars are—and we agree! Not only are they a super-accessible DIY ingredient, but they’re the perfect canvas to test out differently shaped silhouettes (try hearts and dates too!).

2. Create Nursery Décor  Young House Love (whose less-than-$4,000 DIY wedding we recently discovered and were blown away by) inspires us to create a series of painted canvases and display them in baby’s nursery. The three silhouettes feature a rhinoceros, elephant, and gazelle, each painted in a different shade of blue.

3. Paint on Plywood HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder features a nature-inspired way to greet houseguests. All you’ll need to create plywood silhouette art that adds a cozy feel to any front hallway is plywood, a printed photo of a family member’s profile, tape, paint, and picture-hanging wire.

4. Add Glitz to a Pet’s Pic Glitter Guide, one of our favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs, pays tribute to an oft forgotten member of the family, whose portrait may not yet be hanging above the mantle with the others. Inspired by a sold-out print from Anthropologie, this DIY silhouette idea has us begging for more.

5. Track Kids’ Through the Ages Christina Williams plans to create yearly silhouettes of her children to document their growth. The results are stunning keepsakes that decorate the entryway of Christina’s home. Visit her blog for a six-step tutorial.

Have you ever made silhouette art?

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