How To Make a Cat-Themed Baby Announcement

How To Make a Cat-Themed Baby Announcement


When you're expecting, one of the most exciting things you'll do is share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social network.

But you don't have to leave out your four-legged family members. They can help you let family and friends in on your secret, too. Check out our favorite ideas for baby announcements with cats - they're cute, clever and sweet, so you can choose one of these or simply use them for inspiration.


Baby Announcements With Cats

Got photogenic feline family members? Bring them into the fun by letting them help you announce your pregnancy or your newest arrival using these ideas.

1. The Biggest Surprise

Run an adorable photo of your cat through your favorite photo editing app and add the caption, "I'm getting the biggest surprise of my nine lives on (your due date)."

2. Only Child Expiration Date

Write "Only child expiring (your due date)" on a small, portable chalkboard. Put it behind your cat and snap a few photos to tell family and friends you're expecting.

3. Catch Your Cat in a Bag

Pun-ny jokes are perfectly acceptable in baby announcements, so you can go all out. Every cat-parent has at least a few photos of their four-legged family member in a paper bag; if you don't, just put one on the floor and wait - you'll have one soon. Caption the photo "The cat's out of the bag - we're expecting!"

4. "I'm Getting a Human!"      

Use a chalkboard to write "My parents are getting me a human on (your due date)" and place it behind your cat. Snap a few photos and sort through them to get your cat's best expression.

5. Tiny Paws and Feet

Place a tiny pair of baby shoes next to your cat's paws and get a ground-level photo. Use a photo editing app to add a caption that says, "Our family is growing by two feet." Include your due date at the bottom so friends and family know when to expect your new arrival.

6. Partners in Crime

Pose your charming feline companion by a sign that says, "I can't wait for my partner in crime to get here." This looks great with a chalkboard or portable whiteboard, but if you don't have either of those, you can overlay text on the photo with an editing app.


Traditional Birth Announcements

After your little one arrives, you can use "Fresh 48" photographs for traditional birth announcements... or you can have your photographer come to your house and capture your cat's reaction to the new addition. To find the perfect cards for family and friends, check out Mixbook's:

Girls' birth announcements

Boys' birth announcements

Twins' birth announcements

Adoption announcements

Did you share the great news on social media by including your cat in the big announcement? How did you do it? We'd love to hear your story, so please share it in the comments.



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