Grad Party Must Haves

Grad Party Must Haves

GRAD PARTY MUST HAVES The clock is ticking down to the big day… Graduation! (Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s really here!) Followed by the party (check out 5 Tips To Wow Your Grad for some great ideas). Followed by sleeping for a week and never throwing a party for 500 people again.

Maybe we should check that To-Do List one more time.

Invitations and RSVP final count: Are we sure we know who’s coming? – 

Food and drink: If you’re like me and have left it all to the last minute, hire a taco truck and call it a day. Let someone else do the food so you can socialize. If not, make sure your kitchen is stocked or your venue is on the ball with your requests. – ☑


A special place for cash gifts: A favorite hat or even your grad’s mortarboard is a fun idea. A vase covered in glitter could be sassy. Or what about a box that you’ve made and covered in personal mementos? Heck, even a bowl that you grab from under the sink last minute could work. Just remember to make a sign that lets people know what it is. You really want all your cash gifts in one place to avoid losing any. – ☑

A theme: Even if it’s just a dozen balloons in your school colors, don’t forget to tie your party together. That being said, how fun would it be if you had a karaoke machine for the grad in chorus? Or succulent pots decorated with little pennants of all the places your grad wants to go! – ☑

Series on decorating a chalkboard cake

Fashion woman standing in front of the camera

Awesome outfits for the photo book: Make sure everyone looks extra-great. You know you’ll be looking at these for decades to come. Trust me when I say, don’t get stuck wearing a bad shirt that’s covered in mustard stains. I lived through the 80’s – my hair was the equivalent to that bad mustard shirt. – ☑


Music: From a mix on the computer to a live band, provide some background noise. Who knows? People might even start dancing!

Now there’s a fun party. – ☑

A slideshow of photos: Go ahead and embarrass your child a little. A picture of the grad in a diaper never hurt anyone. You deserve this moment as much as he does and let’s be honest; we all love a walk down memory lane. Try Mixbook photo prints to display your grads photos from grade school to graduation – ☑


A little something extra: Have something your grad’s friends can take with them. Maybe a water bottle with their class year on it or a photo they take at the party. Which reminds me, having an instant film camera or a photo booth on site is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love a selfie? – ☑

Friends having fun with sparkler at a party

And last, but not least… A way for your guests to memorialize the occasion: A traditional guest book is a great way to go. Others include an iPad setup to take videos of guests wishing your grad their best. A place for guests to sign their name that will mean something to your grad is also fun: an old football, a blank wooden puzzle, a homemade quilt. One of Mixbook’s canvas prints is also cool because your grad can hang it in her dorm room or apartment afterward.  – ☑


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