5 Custom Graduation Announcement Ideas

Graduating from high school or college is a big deal, so even if you can’t invite everyone you know to attend the ceremony, you can send out graduation announcements about this exciting news to everyone you know! Friends, family members, colleagues, coaches and past teachers will love receiving a photo card that captures your son or daughter in this unique moment in time.

Because of the serious nature of completing your studies and moving on to further education or launching a career, graduation announcements are often quite formal or traditional in style. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t reflect the student’s personality, interests and achievements to date. Here are five graduation announcement ideas to reflect your student’s great character, while projecting a bit of the bright future ahead. 

Ideas for Graduation Announcements

Well-Rounded A really great, well-rounded student has excelled both inside and outside the classroom. Choose a graduation announcement, like Mixbook’s Special Moments, that features a portrait on one side and a collage on the other. Use one side of your graduation announcement to showcase a single favorite photograph like a senior portrait, then use a collage format to share images of the student participating in activities like volunteer work, outdoor adventures, music and sports. Recipients of this grad announcement will enjoy seeing all the many sides of your son or daughter.

Special Moments Graduation Announcements
Graduation Announcement
Grad Year Block

"Grad Year Block"

No Boundaries The wide-open layout of Mixbook’s Proud Graduate frameless graduation announcement is perfect for showcasing a photograph featuring your son or daughter looking off into his or her boundless future. To achieve the effect shown in this example, photograph the graduate in natural light – either early morning or late afternoon when shadows are long – having him or her look just over your camera at something on the horizon. The composition is natural, lighthearted and full of hope.

Proud Graduate
Modern Grad

"Modern Grad"

Looking Back Your son or daughter has come so far! If you’re in profound awe that in such a short period of time he or she went from helpless little baby to competent and smart graduate, create an announcement that features three of your favorite photos from childhood. Mixbook’s Then and Now card template is perfect, with a grid of three smaller photos to showcase a baby photo, an elementary photo and a high school photo below a senior portrait.

Then and Now
So Proud

"So Proud"

Lifetime Achievements Mixbook’s Color Block Collage graduation card is one of my favorite layouts. It’s crisp, clean and modern but still plenty serious for this important occasion. While any collage of photographs would look fabulous in this versatile graduation announcement, I especially love the idea of using each of the four photos on the front to show off your child holding awards, trophies and certificates over the years. Use the smallest to display a photo of your child holding his preschool graduation photo, the next frame to show off a sports trophy, the next to show off high school graduation, and the largest image to show him or her holding up a university diploma.

Color Block Collage

The Art of Graduating If your child has always been pulled toward the artsier pursuits, choose a graduation announcement that celebrates his or her natural proclivity. The Rave Collage graduation card features a modern layout that’s perfect for showing off a grid of images that diverge from the more conventional portraits. Use the clean design as a perfect foil for images shot from alternative angles, photos shot with filters, or images that have been tinkered with using layers, lenses or texture.

Rave Collage

Whichever graduation announcement you choose, print a few extras to save in a scrapbook or album. You’ll also want one for framing and hanging next to the diploma. And, don’t forget: a photo book is the perfect gift for a graduating senior. Consider creating an album that chronicles their academic and extracurricular pursuits to date. It’s the kind of gift that’s much appreciated now – and deeply treasured as the years go by.

Congratulations! Happy Mixbooking!

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