How to Create a Graduation Announcement for Your Unique Graduate!

Whether your soon-to-graduate son or daughter is sporty or artistic, modern or classic, bold or reserved, there’s a Mixbook graduation announcement that can be easily personalized to capture what’s unique about him or her. Check out the top trends in cards – and find one that’s perfect for spreading your family’s fabulous news. Collage If your grad has many sides – and simply can’t be summed up with one pose, a collage card is the way to go. Show his or her serious side, along with the fun side, the sporty side and the dreamy side. You can even show his or her arty side by including an image of something beautiful – besides that winning smile. Mixbook’s Polaroid Collage, Grad Collage, Classic Grad Collage or Classic Collage let you get creative with your photographs so you can create a display that’s truly reflective of your unique graduate.

"Polaroid Collage" Polaroid Collage Graduation Announcement"Grad Collage" Graduation Announcements"Classic Grad Collage" Classic Graduation Announcement"Classic Collage" Graduation Announcements

Frames Stop time in its tracks by using an on-trend frame overlay that proclaims this occasion a momentous one. The light, airy feel of the frames scrolls and flourishes emphasizes the importance of the photo beneath, sending a clear message that this photo of the grad represents an enormously pivotal time in his or her life.

Mixbook’s Classic Frame, Classic Grad Frame and Frame Overlay graduation announcement designs are perfect representations of this popular trend.

"Classic Frame" Classic Graduation Announcement"Classic Grad Frame" Graduation Announcement Ideas"Frame Overlay" Custom Graduation Announcements

Glitter Subtle metallic sheen underscores the celebratory aspect of what’s also a serious occasion. With simple, classic layouts the look of Mixbook’s Glitter Year and Grad Confetti graduation announcements is fresh and modern, clean and elemental.

Glitter Graduation AnnouncementGlitter Graduation Announcements

Typography When you have an exciting announcement to make, beautiful typesetting makes the message clear and impactful. Mixbook’s Mod Typography, Modern Type Grad, Modern Lettering, Eco Grad and Classic Layout graduation announcements make clean, bold statements using artful lettering along with a great photo of the grad.

 "Mod Typography" Mod Typography Graduation Announcement"Modern Type Grad" Modern Type Grad Announcement"Modern Lettering" Graduation Announcement Trends"Eco Grad" Grad Announcements"Classic Layout" Graduation Announcements

Chevrons + Stripes A bold graphic pattern makes a strong statement when setting off a photo of your graduate. Mixbook’s Deco Graduate, Tonal Chevron and Elegant Classic Stripes are all both modern and classic, just like your favorite graduate!

 "Deco Graduate" Graduation Announcements"Tonal Chevron" Grad Announcements"Elegant Classic Stripes" Graduation Announcements

Alternative Designs Washi Tape, Poloroid pictures or a translucent scrim make your graduate’s announcement completely unique – kind of like they are. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to create a graduation announcement that mirrors the one-of-a-kind person they’ve become. Mixbook’s Washi Tape Grad announcement creates a artsy/crafty look. The Polaroid Accent graduation announcement looks both retro and minimalist, framing a unique photo of your grad. And the Bold Year Announcement has a modern feel that’s buttoned up and perfectly polished.

 "Washi Tape Grad" Graduation Announcements"Polaroid Accent" Graduation Announcements"Bold Year Announcement" Graduation Announcements

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Celebrating!

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