Take the Perfect Graduation Photo to Celebrate a Major Life Event

If you’ve got great news to share with friends and family about someone you love who’s about to graduate, congratulations! Now for the fun! Your graduation announcement is your opportunity to share with the world who this fine young man or woman has evolved into. So think about how you want to capture this incredible milestone. Do you want to reflect on great memories of growing up? Do you want to gaze toward the future and all the possibility that it holds? Or do you simply want to seize this great moment for what it is? Every option is a good one – what matters most is that the photograph you use on your graduation announcements exudes the graduate’s one-of-a-kind style and personality. Graduation Announcement Photo Ideas

Looking Forward If you want to hint at your graduate’s bright future, you have a few great options for photographs that are simple to stage. Of course, a portrait  taken in a cap and gown speaks volumes and implies much about future prospects. But you can go a little arty if you want to with a portrait taken against a wide open, big blue sky. A twist on this shot – that symbolizes clear skies and wide open opportunities ahead – could be a shot of the graduate taken from a kneeling position at the side of a trampoline with the grad jumping up into the clear blue sky. We also love a moody shot of the college-bound senior holding a vintage suitcase and walking along in beautiful sunlight down a quiet country road. Or, if your grad is the introspective, thoughtful type, a cozy shot of him or her cradling a cup of hot tea in the palms of their hands is a great shot that captures their contemplative spirit.

Graduation Photo IdeasGraduation announcement photo ideasGraduation Announcement Photo Ideas

Looking Back The retrospective shots are always big hits with friends and family. While everyone’s cheering for a bright future, chances are that most of the people receiving these announcements have been fans of your graduate for a long time. So getting a little nostalgic tugs at the heartstrings in a way that makes them wonderfully wistful.  Our three favorite ways to get retro with vintage photos…

  1. Take a photograph of your grad holding a photo of him or herself from kindergarten. Graduation Photo Idea
  2. Take a photograph of your grad holding a portrait of him/herself as a kid over half of their face. Make sure the expressions are the same, and that clothes, hair, etc. match up the best they can. Graduation Announcement Photo Ideas
  3. Re-create a classic shot of your graduate as a kid. Dig up a favorite old photo – you know, the one that always seemed to nail that elemental spirit that defines your kid? Then re-create it down to every last detail possible. Graduation Photo Ideas

Seizing the Moment If you’ve got a carpe-diem kind of kid, we’re guessing you’re well aware of this personality attribute. Make sure that your photograph captures that live-for-the-present spirit in spades. One of our favorites is a photograph taken with grad year drawn in the sand. We also love the introduction of hand-drawn or chalked messages that say something like “I’m graduating!” or “Wooohoooo, I’m done!” What’s important is that the words sound like their coming from your one-of-a-kind grad.

Graduation Announcement IdeasGrad announcement photos

We’ve also seen lots of examples with graduating year written in marker on feet crossed casually in a barefoot portrait.

Grad announcement photo ideas

And, if seizing the moment means devouring the latest book, here are some great examples of photos from the stacks Grad photo ideasGrad Photo IdeasGrad PhotosGrad Announcement Photo Ideas

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Snapping!

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