Graduation Party Ideas for Your Favorite Smarty-Pants

Just ask your soon-to-graduate: as with any respectable term paper, a great party requires a few key components. With a final paper there’s the Introduction where you pose a question and prepare the reader for what’s to come; the body where you extrapolate on your topic and add value; and finally, there’s the conclusion where you really drive home your point. With a celebration, it’s really the same thing. The introduction is all about the decorations and the mood you set. The body of the party is all about the actual fun, plus a healthy dose of reminiscing along with some dreaming of possibilities. And, finally, there’s a sweet conclusion – in the form of dessert, of course. Here’s how to throw a graduation party that’s sure to earn great marks… INTRODUCTION The same way an intriguing opening paragraph piques interest and gets your reader to engage, a little decorating right at the entryway sets the scene for a great celebration. Hang crepe paper, string balloons and put out flowers as you would for any party, but don’t forget to add a couple little details that make this occasion special and specific to what you’re celebrating. Some of our favorites include putting out a candy jar filled with Smarties candy; making miniature mortarboards out of bite size Peanut Butter Cups and After Eights; creating tiny diplomas out of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls wrapped in royal blue ribbon; or carving a watermelon with the graduation year on the side.

Graduation Party Ideas

MAIN IDEA The main idea, as outlined so clearly in the introductory paragraph, is about looking back, looking to the future – and doing a lot of living in the moment. With these goals in mind, we recommend starting with a celebratory drink. Whether it’s a favorite cocktail or simply chocolate milkshakes, the grad deserves to celebrate with a great toast to the present moment! Once everyone’s feeling convivial, guests can have a little fun with reminiscing. Create a picture collage that chronicles the many phases of the graduate over the years.

It’s also tons of fun to set up a “Guess How Old” picture game with fun prizes for the guests who get it right.

Grad Party Ideas

For as wonderful as it is to wax nostalgic, it’s important to also look to the future. Set up a “good luck jar” for the graduate to sift through after the party. Ask friends and family members to write little wishes on slips of paper, then drop them into the jar. The graduate can look at them right after the party – or pack them up and take them along to the next big thing for a fun transition.

Graduation Party

We also love the idea of guests adding well wishes to sticky notes that are added to a big public poster. The fun there is that funny “posts” can be enjoyed by others, but  after the party they can be easily peeled up and added to an album.

CONCLUSION Really drive the fun home with an A+ dessert. If the honored graduate has a favorite one, make that and come up with a way to make the presentation extra special. Or, have a little fun with a cake that’s based on their degree like this one for graduating from medical school.

Graduation Party Cake

Whatever you do, pace yourself with party prep so you don’t end up cramming for the big event.

Happy Mixbooking! Have fun celebrating that smarty-pants!

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