Create the Perfect Graduation Party Invitation

An invitation to the actual graduation ceremony is not only rare – more and more high schools and universities, because of limited space, parse out tickets sparingly. And, honestly, that’s really a blessing. Unless you gave birth to that child – or you are enamored of all scholastic pursuits, especially if involving pomp and circumstance – you are probably not crazy about the idea of spending five hours attending a generally dull event that may or may not include a fabulous keynote speaker. So stay focused on the more intimate celebration where the graduate will be closer than a pinprick enrobed in polyester glimpsed through binoculars. At the party, the graduate will grace guests’ presence, and be able to bask in the significance of what he or she has accomplished in the relaxed company of family and friends.

Graduation Party Invite

When creating your graduation party invitation, think first about what kind of party the graduate would like. Casual? Formal? Barbecue? Wine and hors d’oeuvres? Indoors or out? Once you’ve settled on a general mood and theme, it’s time to choose the invitation. We’ve selected our favorites, and written up a little summary on which graduate they’re right for. Read on for ideas and inspiration…

Mixbook’s Typography Mix graduation invitation is modern and conveys a sophisticated lightness. The typographically is interesting, and subtle color tones are perfect for framing an arty portrait. I picture this invitation as being perfect for that graduate who is effortlessly stylish – and wonderfully light of spirit.

Graduation Invitations

Mixbook’s Classic Black Grad graduation invitation sets off any kind of photograph beautifully. Because the design is simple, you can take the look of the invitation in any direction with the photographs you choose. But fundamentally, this is an ultra classic invitation that conveys a serious, formal tone. The card has room for a main portrait, plus two thumbnail images to complement the main image. Use them for more pics in the same series, or use them to show off the other wonderful interests of the grad.

Graduation Party Invitations

Mixbook’s Monogram graduation invitation has a beautiful neutral gray background that lends a moody air to the three images it features: one horizontal shot, one vertical and one square thumbnail for an editorial shot. Use that space for another portrait, or get creative and add an image of texture, landscape or a favorite good-luck charm!

Graduation Party Invitation

Even in these days of whiteboards and digital tablets, there’s nothing that conjures years of education like a classic chalkboard. Mixbook’s Chalk Grad Party lets you create a broadside-style announcement rendered in chalk on a classic slate backdrop to gather friends and family to the culmination of a successful education.

Graduation Party Invitation

Perfect for the ever-hip, fashion-conscious grad, Mixbook’s Color Block Grad Party features interesting typography set into saturated fields of color announcing a well-earned celebration in honor of the graduate. Whether it’s an actual block-party or just a casual afternoon get-together, this square invitation sets a relaxed vibe – just what every graduate wants.

Grad Party Invites

Set in classic 1950s-era type and rendered in a fresh blue and yellow palette, Mixbook’s BBQ Celebration graduation barbecue party invitation is both retro and modern. Serve up the classics – burgers and dogs – along with plenty of 21st century twists – from gluten-free buns to small-batch catsup and Sriracha on the side for a celebration that’s in line with his or her vision of perfection.

Grad Party Invitations

For the classically educated – with an appreciation for all things symmetrical and balanced – Mixbook’s Hats Off to the Grad typeset graduation party invitation will fit the bill equitably.

Graduation Party Invites

Ideal for the undeniably modern girl or guy, Mixbook’s Graduation Celebration invitation displays all the party details in a modern grid with fresh colors. It’s a party invite that would be just as appropriate for a backyard picnic as it would for a chic evening display of bubbly (whether that’s sparkling grape juice or Champagne) and fancy appetizers.

Graduation Invitations

Celebrate your bright star with a graduation party invitation that’s as brilliant as he or she is with Mixbook’s Bright Future invite. Carry the star theme into your decorating with simple star-shaped confetti or paper tablecloths stamped with homemade star-shaped potato-stamps. It may sound a little low budget (which it is, hallelujah!) but the look is quite chic if done carefully using metallic paint.

Graduation Party Invites

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Graduating!

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